The Importance Of Goal Setting

It's absolutely vital to have goals in life. Without goals, we are like a ship without a rudder, drifting from place to place. When you have a goal in life, you begin to focus all your efforts into one point.

Not only having goals in life helps you achieve what you want, but it also gives you clarity in the direction in which you are heading. When you have goals, you know what you are doing to get there, you know what it will look like when you receive it and you know whether it is really what you really want. Once you have a goal in place, you know that whatever you do from that point forward will either move you forward or away from that goal.

Writing down your goals
Not only having a clear and specific goal is vital to success, it is absolutely important to write them down. The purpose of writing down your goals on paper or on the computer has a dramatic influence on whether you achieve your goal. When you write down your goals, a part of your brain gets activated. This part of the brain is called the "Reticular Activating System" which enables you to filter out what does not correspond to what you really want. For example, when you go to a car dealer and buy a new car, as soon as you drive away in that new car, you may notice many other people driving the same car as you. You never noticed it before but now you do, this is the work of the Reticular Activating System in your brain. To further explain the importance of writing down your goals, I will tell you a story.

A study was conducted at a university where 300 students were analysed from the time they were studying and reanalysed 20 years later. The 3% of the 300 students not only achieved their goals but also earned more than the whole 97% remaining students that did not achieve their goals. It was later found that the top 3% of students who successfully achieved their goals was not smarter or had more resources, they simply wrote down their goals. The other remaining students did not write down their goals, hence did not have a clear direction on where they were going in life. by Khoa Bui is a FREE Goal Setting Success Tool that will help you clearly define your goals and help you achieve them. Once you are clear with what you want in life, write them down, setup a plan to how you will achieve your goals and work your plan.

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Khoa Bui

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Khoa Bui is an entrepreneur, web designer, graphic designer, programmer and proud business owner of a growing web design company called River Designs. He has a double degree in Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering and Masters of Science in Software Engineering and lives in Western Australia Perth.

His major interests are the pursuit of excellence and achievement of success. His ongoing commitment in exploring the realms of personal growth and development has formed many of his talents and projects including directing and producing short films, acting, Kung Fu, Marathon Cycling and Writing.

Destiny Goals is a concept that always had his interest. His end goal was to create something that everyone could use and benefit from. The concept behind Destiny Goals is to provide a means to help people achieve whatever they want in life through simple but solid planning of their goals. Whether you want to loose 10 kilos in 6 weeks or increase your income by 200%, you will need a plan to achieve your goal. Destiny Goals will help you do this.

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