Even vitamins, minerals, and hormones cannot do their jobs without enzymes. They are the catalysts, the dynamic power that gives us our ability to function at the highest level of good health.

Our bodies cannot exist without enzymes.

I will be talking about digestive plant enzymes. For proper digestion to happen, 4 major enzymes are required.


Amylase aids the digestion of carbohydrates and starches. (Fruit, vegetables, pasta, and bread)


Protease enzymes digest proteins (red meats, fowl, fish, and nuts. If improperly digested, protein putrefies in the system, causing indigestion and toxicity.


Lipase breaks down fats and assists in balancing fatty acids. Fats not thoroughly digested turn rancid and create pungent odors and poor cholesterol balance.


Cellulase breaks down cellulose (the fiber found in vegetables and other plant materials) however; the body does not produce cellulase. Undigested fiber leaves a wax like residue in the small intestine and adds to absorption ills.

Enzymes are destroyed by the heat produced when we boil, microwave, or pressure cook food. When the temperature rises above 118 degrees Fahrenheit while steaming, even that process can destroy enzymes.

80% of our body’s energy is used by the digestive process. If you run down, are under stress, living in a very hot or very cold climate, pregnant, or a frequent air traveler, enormous quantities of extra enzymes are required by your body.

You must supplement your enzymes. The medical profession tells us that all disease is due to a lack or imbalance of enzymes.

Our very lives depend on enzymes particularly when you have any sort of inflammation in your body.

Research has known for years that enzymes are effective in aiding the body to properly use the nutrients provided in food and other supplements.

This is particularly helpful with regard to proper digestion. Equally as important, but not nearly as well know, is the fact that enzymes play a critical role in promoting healthy joints and a healthy response to body inflammation such as all forms of the over 100 types of arthritis.

Research shows that, in addition to other factors, joint pain stems from undigested proteins and fats which form uric acid crystals that get “caught” in joints.

Enzymes stimulate the healthy production of cytokines that stop inflammation. They also aid the body in cleaning up undigested food, debris, swollen joints and tissues.

By helping keep the body free from inflammation, natural healing and normal joint health can be achieved.

A body of physical labor can really take it toll on a body. Any of the NAIDS harm the body. Joint challenges that drugs can cover up, can be aided with the proper enzymes.

TRILLIONS of cells work constantly to maintain an acceptable balance of enzymes to keep the body working. Then something happens…could be a virus, strenuous exercise, an emotional crisis, breathing unclean air, staging a temper tantrum or eating a fat-laden meal.

Then the balance of enzymes is depleted. The solution is to make a daily intake of enzymes.

Plant enzymes in liquid form will save your digestive process, fortify your tissues, and fuel the metabolic enzyme activity that keeps you alive and functional.

Unfortunately seating some raw fruits and vegetables will not provide an adequate amount as they only contain enough enzymes to digest their own particles.


Did you know that in the time it takes you to read this sentence over 10 MILLION cells just died!

There are at least 1 HUNDRED TRILLION cells at work in your body right now! It takes 13 hundred enzymes to make one cell.

It takes 28 hundred enzymes for the life process to take place. And this all comes from our food. Are you eating foodless foods? Most of us are. I was. I am not now.

There are 45 nutrients in their proper amounts derived from the food we eat are needed nourish each and every cell.

These are :

19 minerals, in prescribed amounts
13 vitamins
9 amino acids
1 fat
1 water
1 carbohydrate

But getting those everyday you have just made billions of red blood cells. With the liquid supplement I take I get over 200 vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

As Linus Pauling said…he is a 2 time winner of the Nobel Peace prize…”Every ailment, every disease, every sickness can be traced to a mineral deficiency.”

And the JAMA, the Journal of American Association, in its June 2002 issue said…

“Most people do not get an optimal amount of nutrients by diet alone… and sub-optimal intakes of nutrients are associated with increased risks of chronic diseases including but not limited to cardiovascular disease… cancer and osteoporosis.”

Does the body really need to have its immune system strengthened or rebuilt? Absolutely and done as soon as possible.

First steps to take would be to avoid food and water containing agricultural chemicals, as well as limit sugar which stress our pancreas, kidneys and liver.

We can add regular exercise… three times a week… for at least 20 to 30 minutes. And make sure you only think positive thoughts.

Everyone can improve their health by getting the proper enzymes.

Best of Health,

Margie Garrison “The Arthritis Lady”
I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too

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Margie Garrison is an authority on the treatment of arthritis, a self-published author of the book I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too She also publishes a free weekly alternative health newsletter Amazing Secrets To Fantastic Health

Because of her 43 year struggle with arthritis, unable to find answers through traditional medicine, Margie spent several years researching and found an alternative technique that enabled her to be free from her arthritis for over 25 years.

Margie has raised four children, walked on fire with Tony Robbins, traveled the country, and appeared as a guest speaker on over 200 radio shows and six TV talk shows. She cured her arthritis you can too.
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