The Key to Your Character
The Code in the Stars
Rebecca Brents

Astrology uses the positions of the eight known planets, not including the earth, plus the positions of the Sun and the Moon to "describe" the cycles of experience, the stages of evolving energy, that were operating, that had "come up for attention" when you were born. Your horoscope is a snapshot of the sky, taken at the moment you were born, that "describes" the energies your soul is working to develop and experience along with the talents and challenges you will process in this life.

Conventional ignorance jeers that astrology casts people as victims of fate based on the accidental timing of their birth, which is not true at all. You are not who you were because of when you were born, you were born when you were because you are who you are. And far from leaving you "trapped" in some rigid destiny, astrology helps describe how you as an expression of divine life and spirit are evolving.

By knowing "what's being asked of you" by certain combinations and placements of cosmic energy in your horoscope -- the metaphorical picture of your soul -- you can use your free will and individual choices to "be who you really are," which I believe is a very precious kind of knowledge and liberty. To know yourself and be yourself are the most basic freedoms of all.

As I said, astrology uses the positions of the eight planets, plus the Sun and the Moon -- in conjunction with the twelve signs of the Zodiac -- in further combination with the twelve houses of the horoscope, the twelve divisions of the circle astrologers refer to as a "chart" -- to describe the complexity of a personality or an event.

True, there's a lot to keep in mind. I won't pretend that Astrology is not a complex subject. It is. But, working step by step, you can also learn to see the patterns, understand the metaphors, and decode the energies that explain the basic character, the raw material, of the person whose chart you may have in your hand. You can tell who that person is from a piece of paper, having never met this soul in any way, in your life. If you think about that, it's an astonishing statement.

For those of you who may be interested in learning to read your chart for yourself, I have written a course, based on my nearly 30 years of working with this discipline, learning its shadings and intricacies, and gathering material from literally hundreds of sources to understand for myself the messages that a chart, any chart, could tell me.

I can help you learn the basics. I can help you become very skilled at reading a person's character from his horoscope, his chart, such that in many ways you'll know him better from looking at a piece of paper than he may know himself.

That, too, is an astonishing statement. Because many people never live up to the full potential and promise of their horoscope. They never understand the complexities of their own characters. They don't live lives in flow with the persons --- the unique spiritual expressions -- they really are. Instead, they may spend incredible effort -- and years of confusion and misery -- trying to be someone they are not.

A butterfly is not a ladybug. Both are beautiful. Both are important. Both are miraculous creations ... but they are not the same. And neither one of them is a tree toad, and a tree toad is not a lizard, and a lizard is not a rabbit, and a rabbit is not a dog ... and were one to try to live the life of another, it would likewise be a sad and futile thing.

When you understand the metaphors of your chart, the pure energy combinations that go into making you who you are, you can often do a great deal to give up trying to be "someone else" -- for whatever reasons you originally made that painful decision, and start living life as the person you were truly meant to be. Of all the "rights" you may have in this life, that one seems to be to be the most unarguably fundamental.

"Inalienable" is exactly the word to apply to it. You have the right -- perhaps even the responsibility -- to live your life with integrity ... as the person you were created to be. No one's expectations of you ... not even your own ... should alienate you from that momentous and fundamental promise. Information about who you are can certainly help you regain that centeredness ... that rightful balance, if, in fact, you need to restore this for yourself.

This is the second of a three-part article with this title and on this subject. The material itself is an excerpt from "The Beginning Astrology Class at Enchanted Spirit" which is available as an ongoing series of lectures, as an Ebook and as a print book version entitled "The Circle of Life -- The Zodiac Signs and Creation's Cycle." Visit the website to hear audio samples and to learn more.

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