In the life reality created by ourselves, we want to live better, feel better and get abundant resources. However, for most of us, we have to find we want many more things: car, house, love, money, respect, success, and health and so on. Once we begin to pay attention to our unsatisfactory situation, we begin to feel bad and unfortunately we are astonished to find we will find more of this situation of lack in the influence of this bad feeling.

The law of attraction tells us that like attracts like, whatever it is good or bad. Bad feeling will attract more bad feelings or things which create bad feelings. But it is also true for us that good feelings will attract more good things to us. The latter gives us guide and chances to get whatever we want.

Many of the bad feelings are created by the fact that we are always observing or explanting. We have forgotten or we don’t know that It is ourselves that created the reality or the world in our own eyes. In fact, the most important job for us is to create our own reality: we are master of our own. Detail to say, we only need to complete two jobs: asking what we want and preparing us for receiving the response from the universe. The key to the receiving procedure is feeling good for the now life and our goals.

2.What can gratitude or appreciation bring to us?
Gratitude or appreciation can make us focus on the good of things, perspective and what we really want. In fact, we have gotten some of what we need to have more: love, joy, health, and wealth and so on, however, we always choose to ignore them or spurn them away. For examples, we always say that we need or we want something, which sends negative thoughts of lack to the universe. In response to our asking, we get more of the situation of lack: we have not many things and we are in the state of lack.

The more we express our thanks, the more of the same we will get. Making gratitude a part of life can really improve our state of receiving and make good things come to us faster. Gratitude stands for powerful and good vibration, which will eventually attract the like things. In the process of gratitude or appreciation, we focus on the things we owned or received and the grateful emotions. So the good vibration is sent out to the whole universe and the similar vibration for us is attracted back to us. For example, smile, laughter, peace, love, money, health, respect and happiness, etc. In one word, gratitude or appreciation is so powerful that it can adjust our receiving state and prepare us well for anything we have asked.

3.Suggestions on how to make gratitude part of life

3.1 Importance
Gratitude or appreciation is of the most important and urgent task for us. Because from it, we will get more good feelings, higher efficiency, chances, ideas, actions and so called lucks.

3.2 When and where?
In fact, it is ok whenever or wherever. But for many people, the period before sleeping and the period before getting up will be better. The former will adjust the vibration of the whole day and the latter will prepare you for the good vibration of the new day. Once you have several minutes in the day, you can begin your gratitude and appreciation. In fact, we will recognize that we can meet many things worthy of appreciation in the different time of the whole day, so once possible, we can express our gratitude directly or indirectly.

3.3 What?
Appreciate anything worthy of gratitude. Perhaps a smile, a joke, help in the form of money, lecture, talk and so on, love in the form of action, speech, touch, etc. At the same time, we can also appreciate the help that we have given out because we now have the ability to help others and we have this chance to propagate happiness, love and warm.

We can appreciate the things or feelings we owned and we can also appreciate the goals we asked, feeling that we have owned them. Whatever we ask, it is certain given by the universe, but to receive it successfully, we should make it a part of our life from now on, that is to say, to have the feeling of having it. Appreciation and gratitude make this feeling more lively and truly.

3.4 How?
There are many methods to express our gratitude or appreciation:

a) make gratitude list. We can make this list on the papery note book, notebook PC or PDA. We can also take a scratchpad and pen with us. Begin the sentence with “thank …… for …….” And think of the appreciation while writing.

b) Think aloud. We can also say to ourselves of the gratitude, just like affirmations. This method is convenient and can be used in many situations. We can slow our speed of speaking, think of the concrete thing worthy of appreciation and feel the emotion of the gratitude.

c) Make Creative visualization and feel. Different from the method above, we pay our attention only to the visualization of the good things and feel the good emotions they bring to us.

d) Express thanks directly and timely. This is a very easy but powerful and effective method. Once possible; we can choose to express our thanks and gratitude directly.

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