As you delve deeper into the Law of Attraction and the processes that you need to take to have the universal law of the universe work with you and not against you, one of the key things that you will discover is your own social conditioning can and does work against you at every step of the way.

Why do I say that I here you ask? Just think about the social conditioning that has been placed on you as a child, through the teens and into early days as an adult. Typical things I’m talking about would be for a boy but equally have there own conditions for girls. Things like: grow up big and strong, don’t cry, and don’t show your emotions, what are you a man or a wimp. You have all heard them and in part, if you are a parent, used them at various times on your children. We tend to suppress free thinking for social and our community expectations.

What this conditioning has done to us is make us very judgemental. We move through these processes especially within Western Society at our cost. Our judgemental nature has been the breeding grounds for so many of the evils in our society today, such as racism, road rage and bullying to mention just a few. We are training people not to be as one in a community but of a self level. The old “what’s in it for me attitude”. The world owes me a living mentality that pervades our youth today as they live in the “Want It” society. A want society built out of the baby boomers who were a “Lets have it” society where 20% of the population consumed 86% of the world resources.

Our training was designed over the decades to make us judgemental. We were taught to see the issues, the risks etc and to make a decision on them at a rapid pace. For early man it was to react in time to save themselves from being eaten. As time progressed into the industrial revolution, it was to avoid life threatening issues and injury and in our current western society it is a key part of decisions taken in the deal making process within industry. We must react quickly or miss out.

Everything is done at a very rapid rate. As a result the mind concentrated on what it believes is the key points, as it shuffles through the vast amount of information being presented? Research into our decision making processes clearly shows we all operate at different rates with different responses. These responses are clearly related to the learning /schooling we received, what exposure we have had to the situation before or similar related issue and finally how much risk we are prepared to take commonly called our ”risk aversion level”. As our judgments, as we have previously stated, are built on avoiding risk or harm or injury to ourselves.

So where does “Noticing” come into the situation and how does it impact on The Law of Attraction and the response we receive from participation with these universal laws. The key is to look at what our decision making process does. Key among the points is the fact that our decision making process drops information. Our five senses work overtime, all day every day screening out all that surrounds us, while storing some of the information for possible future use. We screen what is being provided to us. We drop from our immediate short term memory what we scan as not important. We become selective about importance of issues. Based not in most part the actual truth, but based, as we pointed out earlier, on our learning, our prior involvement and importantly our risk levels.

You see it every day in the introvert and extraverts of our world. Extraverts work on minimal information making decisions on the run never looking back, while introverts look for the fine detail, seeking the weaknesses in the decision being made not just the strengths the extraverts tend to run with. Introverts do not fly by the seat of there pants, on gut feelings or the extraverts “we can fix it as we go” attitude. That’s why in business you need both types within the organization, where neither side has control of the total decision making process.

The key situation for leading managers is to balance these two types at the levels needed for the particular specifics of there industry. The key problem they face is the fact that one tends to hire those people we feel most at ease with and this is usually those with your attitude. How many times do you here both sides blaming each other to others about this or that decision that was made or not made. So and so wouldn’t listen to the issues I pointed out or so and so took to long to make a decision so we missed the deal. Again we are being Judgemental and not Noticing.

Noticing is a very key process and a process we all need to take to heart if we are to progress with the Law of Attraction, in the manifestation of our wants and key desires. We need to slow down the decision making process. Stop making the judgements we normally take through social conditioning and to actually pause and sift through all the information being presented. From this information review we often see something we missed due to the screening our brains impose and in the case of the Law of Attraction the simple direction or steps to be taken, if we are to have that which we were manifesting come to fruition.

Our screening process (noticing) needs to expand to include other into the process. We need to build off the introvert and extravert types and apply their processes as necessary in the final decision making. There is a term called “Group Think” which has caused many a company to come unstuck and it simply happens when every one looks at the one side without true evaluation of the alternatives. We all want to please, be one with the group and not be the one to speak up. Some companies are so aware of group think, that at key meeting they appoint a “dissenter” on rotation, who is to be negative to the process under discussion. Their role is to point out counter issues, alternative considerations, possible problems within time lines etc. Why do this I here you ask? It so we notice the things we want to screen out and then drop them for specific reasons not just on screening, learning and knowledge grounds.

We need to become aware of the world around us. The real world, not that which our brain have been socially prepared to accept, not the world that our five senses and even our sixth sense have been conditioned to, as being the norm. We need to seek out the alternative. In relationships we need to just watch people we deal with and try and see things from their side for a change. Try and see their perspective and to notice the information they are basing their decision on. Who knows, they may just have seen what we filtered out or have missed what we filtered in. Take notice do not make judgements, point out your view, but ask for theirs in return so you see what they noticed.

The law of attraction and manifestation is all about Noticing. Noticing exactly what it is we want, noticing the specifics that need to be presented in our visualizations as we seek to attract our manifestations. Noticing the small steps that we need to take to make the manifestation become the reality we seek. Judgement also has a part to play and it always will, but in today’s society Noticing is the key skill we need to develop at the expense of our judgement.

Our judgement and sensory screening will always be here and it must be otherwise we would go mad. Our conscious mind cannot take the flood of information our five senses process constantly minute by minute and still have the ability to make standalone judgements. That is why the universe gave us three segments of the mind to control this information overload.

So as you develop your understanding of life under the control of the universal laws, the Law of Attraction, of affirmations and manifestations continue to build on your judgments but never loose site of noticing the world and people around you.

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Ken Triat has a master’s degree in Business Administration. Currently reviewing personal development centered around the power of the mind using the Law of Attraction.
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