The law of attraction is a universal power based on universal laws. The question is does igniting the law of attraction with goal setting make the law of attraction work quicker?
Some would ask” is there a difference between goal setting and the law of attraction”. We all now have the basic understanding through the movie The Secret, that goal setting is a major consideration associated with the manifestation of results under the law of attraction, but it still leaves un answered does goal setting ignite the law of attraction? On this point we can become judgemental based on our beliefs, our schooling and experiences in life. I prefer to think that we can take time to notice the actions taken, the repetition made and then consider the results as to if it was just goals and not the law of attraction at work.

In truth there is so very little difference between the use of the law of attraction and goal setting, it’s the secondary thought that make the difference. The two principals work hand in hand. That said setting goals is the first activity in activating and empowering the law of attraction. You must take this first action stepping away from taking our normal attitude of being judgemental in our actions, to noticing and defining clearly the goals that will manifest to the life style we seek and all that goes with it. This step, this action of setting goals is the igniter within the law of attraction. The goals activate the process, which continues until the manifestation is achieved The law of attraction once ignited gives that which we decide with positive intentions providing the desired outcomes and negative or conflicting thoughts giving us more of what we didn’t really want.

Many people find they have good results just from setting goal, without ever thinking about the law of attraction. Others gain so much by setting specific goals and using the law of attraction as the key direction of their thoughts. When you research the results you find those that just set goals are in fact using the law of attraction, for when they are questioned they respond with comments like “I just do it and it works” I think about my goals and they happen. What we clearly see here is that their conscious and sub conscious minds are working in harmony. There is no sabotage from secondary thoughts so the goals that they set are manifested for them, just as for those using the law of attraction. But in the case of those using the law of attraction there is more focused on the conscious mind at work to achieve the abundance sort from the law of attraction.

We know we become what we think about. The more you dwell upon what you don’t want , the more you are empowering the negative emotions that result in negative events. Let me clarify how focusing on what you DON”T want works against you within the law of attraction. Jill Koenig coined a phrase “Where focus goes, energy flows” Lets read that again “where focus goes, energy flows” You need to control your energy (thoughts)flow

When you focus your thoughts and attention around the things that you fear, that is what you will manifest more of into your life and continue to attract more and more off. You hold the choice on the outcome. You can continue to think about the problem or you can take control and think about the solution. When you focus all your attention and thoughts on your problems or blame others, that is what you will manifest and attract more of what you don’t want.

You cannot achieve your destiny if you remain consumed with fear and anxiety, blaming others for your misfortune. You must move above the negatives that come into you life daily. Remember you hold the key to your success with the law of attraction because you can direct where you expend your energy and constructive thoughts that build your goals into being manifested reality.

If you review what we have gone over above you will see that goal setting is very important and that just setting goals may assist your passage through life. However combine setting clear and specific goals with the power of the law of attraction you will find that you will bring far more into your life

Use the law of attraction, set your goals and focus on solutions. Focus on what you can do to create positive change in your life and to those around you that you love. Be grateful for what you have, express more gratitude. Give abundantly.

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Ken Triat has a master’s degree in Business Administration. Currently reviewing personal development centered around the power of the mind using the Law of Attraction.
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