Do you feel you understand the law of attraction but just don't seem to be getting the things you desire? Are you frustrated? Do you manifest some things but not others? The truth is you most likely have not been taught the "key" principle to manifesting using law of attraction the way it was intended to be used and not the way most practitioners are currently teaching it.

You may have studied the law of attraction, read law of attraction books, and may have seen the movie "The Secret". After all your study, you probably have applied each and every step you have learned but something isn't working. Things aren't appearing in your life as you expected.

Instead of happily manifesting everything you desire you find yourself frustrated. You start doubting yourself. You begin to feel as though you are doing it wrong or the law of attraction just doesn't work. Perhaps you are able to manifest some things here and there but cannot find that perfect combination to allow you to consistently bring to you those things you desire.

Here's a news flash. There is a great lie behind using law of attraction and manifestation as it has been traditionally taught. In "The Secret" you are led to believe you simply focus on a desire and "poof" it will appear into your life. This has misled many people. Many law of attraction teachers have been trained to teach law of attraction in this manner. It is not their fault; they just either don't get it or have totally bought into the myth playing out in this fashion.

Whether you are manifesting using law of attraction on a hit and miss scenario or not at all, the fault lies in the manner in which you have been taught about the law of attraction. The movie "The Secret" leads most people to assume that all you have to do is merely focus on those things you desire and they will eventually come into your life. A perfect example is the scene in which a woman gazes into a jewelry store window at a beautiful necklace. The next scene you see her wearing that very necklace. You are led to believe she simply focused on having that necklace and she manifested it into her life. That in itself will set you up for a major disappointment!

I spent thousands of dollars studying the law of attraction, taking classes, buying books, enrolling in teleseminars and all of them were telling me the same old song and dance. I have been able to manifest some great things but not on a consistent basis. There seemed to be a trend to my manifesting but I could not put my finger on it at first. I prayed and asked for guidance and after several long months, guidance came and so did the answer.

Through my recent studies, I learned that the law of attraction is not a physical law and is not based on quantum physics. The law of attraction is a spiritual law freely given to all by God. It is based on love. Through this law we are given things (our desires) through serving others. If you are using the law of attraction strictly for your own personal gain, you will gain little to nothing from it. This is most likely why you have had this hit or miss type of manifesting experience.

Recently, I had someone ask me how to use the law of attraction in his life and business. Among the things he desired was a beautiful woman, a large house, wealth and many customers. I asked him what the goal and purpose behind his business was. His reply came very quickly. It was to make money. When we discussed how law of attraction works based on and serving others, which in this case would be his customers, his true desire was still focused on the end result which was the money. I recommended a book for him to read and suggested he do an exercise that would allow him to evaluate the goals he had for four areas of his life and the reasons for each of them. Focusing on his health, home, business, and relationships would hopefully give him some insight on what he wanted and why. Until he could move his focus onto serving others and away from himself and the money, he would have little success with using the law of attraction.

As long as your focus is strictly self serving, the law of attraction will offer you little in the way of generating your desires. You may see some greedy, self serving people who have wealth. Imagine how much wealthier they would be and how many great things they could have done if their focus had been on serving others instead of their own selves!

When you are in business and focusing on providing the best service possible to your customers, clients, patients, etc. you will manifest more customers, clients, patients, etc. which in turn will bring you greater income through the growth of your business. You will find your life transformed. There will be more joy in your day. You will gain referrals and opportunities will open to you that will offer greater expansion of your business, service, and income.

So, re-evaluate the current manner in which you are practicing the law of attraction.
Are you using it as a self serving tool or as a means to help others? By helping to improve the lives of others you will far exceed your manifestation expectations through the law of attraction.

Try it for yourself and see. You will love the results, and so will those you serve.

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