Recently a couple of Australian travellers arrived at a bar in Bangkok, Thailand. After the Australians efforts at ordering an extra cold beer were thwarted by a lack of thai speaking ability an expat English man stepped in with a few choice words of thai which enabled the procurement of a cooler beer. Subsequently the Aussie couple were soon in discussion with their new friend about all their travels around Asia.

However, it soon became apparent that they weren't quite the ordinary couple that you'd expect. Indeed having lived on a fairly isolated Island off the eastern coast of Australia which had hosted the Dalai Lama and was also home to various people who shall we say were more in tune to the environment than what would normally be expected. Indeed one of the people living on the Island apprently had the same sixth sense which enabled her to have the same visions and abilities normally reserved for Aboriginee elders.

Now what has this got to do with positive thinking. Well, this couple had been so effected by the type of people they had been surrounded with they had seemingly adopted some of there powers!

What they would do is decide where they wanted to go over the course of a few days and then they would simply hit the streets and walk...without a map and set off to find them. Curiously enough all they would do was follow the path of least resistance, by that I mean if they were at a cross-roads they would simply go in the direction that the little green man allowed them to go or where-ever the next convenient break in the traffic allowed them to go.

Now amazingly enough over the course of a few days they managed to locate and visit all of the palaces, temples and tourist hotspots that they had wanted too and even managed to get into the grand palace for free. Now if you have ever visited Bangkok then you will understand it is not the easiest place to simply wander around and orientate yourself.

The only explanation I can offer is that of positive thinking. By that I mean they both had targets of what they were going to do, they decided they were going to do them and they took action to bring them about. I guess with those three elements it should come as little surprise that they were successful.

Imagine if you applied just those three simple principles to any goals you were trying to achieve, how much quicker would you reach them. Individually on their own each element has no great magic but (I mean anyone can set a goal) but collectively the total effect seems greater than that of the indvidual parts. This extra element, maybe you could call it luck or good fortune was simply the effect of combining all three elements.

So I would urge anyone to set meaningful written goals, make a decision and commit to them and then take persistent action to attaining them.

Furthermore whatever decision you are struggling to make, make it and you will be amazed how correct you were! Then maybe you too can yield the power of Positive Thinking just as our Australian friends there.

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