Have you ever felt that there is something major missing in your affirmations? Are they working for you? Well, what if there was a missing link?

A friend of mine and I spent a number of years from 2004 to 2006 complaining about our frustration with the outcome of our affirmations. In 2004, our lunches at the Olive Garden were comprised of complaints about how…The Law of Attraction only seems to work for a lucky few. We complained that, even though we have been students of these Laws for over 30 years, nothing seemed to be working now, and perhaps we simply weren’t ‘deserving’ enough.

By 2005, we had moved on to, well…we may be deserving enough after all, but we probably just weren’t doing it right. We read more books, tried different approaches, made more vision boards, watched more movies…over and over again…and even went back to the basics, reading all the original materials on the Law of Attraction and other meaningful Laws. And still, we were left with empty frustration.

By 2006, we were still filling up on minestrone soup at the Olive Garden and meeting even more often. We are also certain by that time that we were missing something in the process, that there was definitely a ‘missing link’. We were still frustrated, but also hopeful as well.

At the beginning of 2007 we were offered the gift of a lifetime. Through another dear friend, we found out about Asara Lovejoy and The One Command. It is the Command that puts the juice in Intent, it is the Command that brings forth from our very neurological being, the intensity and clarity of change in our thinking, our feeling and our very DNA. As we change our own lives and re-create our own reality, we change the world.

There is a show called Heroes, and it demonstrates the old axiom about power corrupting, how would the world be if there was a power that was not only benign, but also functioned only from the very highest level of consciousness? Well, here it is, the missing link!

It is like your birthday every day, it is like peace in our time, every day, it is like joy on earth every day! Want to find the missing link yourself, it is here for you.

Blessings, Katie

Author's Bio: 

Asara specializes in the areas of wealth, wellness, career, business, and life change.
Her bestselling book, The One Command, changes lives radically.
She is a highly accomplished and sought after, author, speaker, and teacher.
She is the founder and owner of Commanding Wealth, offering workshops for Individuals and Corporate Business Presentations.