That HoloMagic “c2” Factor
This is transmuting desire into money. Who knows what it will do for you?

Start with an idea!... Make very real money. Truly, an illustration of the convertibility of an idea into money; as Einstein’s formula reveals: E = mc2.

That formula says Energy equals matter times the speed of light squared. Energy is thought. Matter is money. We’re studying in this book that holomagic “c2” factor.

A World Of Cause And Effect
The biggest key is recognizing that even with the adventures of daily life, it is not a haphazard world, but a world that follows the strict regimen of cause and effect.

When you truly understand that, all mystery is removed from how you can think and grow rich – because you know that in your thoughts you are planting the seeds that you will harvest in due time. Riches are a result.

“It’s The SECRET!”
You can compare the possession of the secret with possession of the combination of a vault. Without the combination, you find it impossible to open the bank vault, no matter how hard you try. But what effort does it take if you have the secret? If you know the combination? None, of course. How hard is it to twirl a dial on a safe?

In the same way, using The NEW Think And Grow Rich secret requires no effort. In the same way, once you’ve discovered the secret, you can open the door to great riches in your life with little or no effort or hard work. It’s the secret – it’s what you don’t know that’s preventing you from acquiring the riches you see others enjoying, nothing more.

One Secret That Always Works For Access
A “secret?” Well… It is… But it should be common sense. What he did that got him in to see Edison – and it’s the same strategy you can use with anybody today… He solved a problem. He solved Edison’s currently greatest problem.
Edison knew the potential of his invention, but he needed a sales force to carry it out. Up steps Barnes. That’s all there is to it...

This is a perfect illustration of why you hear me say so often – entrepreneurs embrace problems! Entrepreneurs search out problems. Because problems provide opportunities.
Entrepreneurs and achievers know this. Ordinary people – like the ordinary competitors Barnes had who had first dibs – just see the problem.

Harvest Of Like Kind
Though it happens on a metaphysical level, the metaphor of growth and harvest is perfect. Thoughts are creative seeds, and if not suffocated, starved, denied water or light, or pulled up, must manifest in harvest of like kind. This is Natural Law in the physical universe, is it not?

Who are we to deny the obvious? Humanity is not above Natural Law. All things in our little world happen according to law, also.

Your thoughts are your seeds. You will become who you think like, if you’re not already.

A Magnetic Force
Science confirms we are bioelectromagnetic beings.
Thoughts which are mixed with any of the feelings of emotions, especially faith, constitute a “magnetic” force which attracts, from the vibrations of the Cosmos, other similar, or related thoughts, appropriate circumstances, chance meetings, and who knows what else?

As a model of how this works, consider the electromagnet. It is an ordinary piece of iron in its normal state. As such, it has no attractive powers.

But when you run an electrical current through the metal, its atoms having been “awakened,” it develops magnetic properties. At that point, in a cybernetic-synergetic loop, it is attracted to metal, which is likewise attracted to it.

Note, the bar of metal did not change... Only the current flowing through the metal. Yet the bar’s entire reality changed, and it instantly became possessed with powers unknown and inaccessible to it during periods of ordinary mortality.

Also note, a magnetic force attracts and is attracted by only the things on its same “wavelength.” Everything else is ignored.
Faith is that current running through your thoughts which stimulates your bioelectromagnetic powers. You become a charged person possessed of extraordinary powers and abilities. What you attract is in accord with the dominant thoughts, which occupy your mind.

Others’ Laziness Gives You Competitive Advantages
There is one weakness in people for which there is no remedy. It is the universal weakness of lack of ambition! That weakness gives you, the person with ambition, overwhelming advantages. Just the mere fact that you study and improve yourself, and apply yourself to specific pursuits places you far ahead of others in the race for success.

It’s like they prefer to “watch” the sport from the grandstand seats (and complain all the while how “lucky” you are), while you prefer to get in the ring and play. Obviously, you show better than the beer-bellies in the grandstands.

The Planning Process
Building plans need not be a difficult, time-consuming project. With your definite chief aim burning in your heart, it’s just a matter of following some basic planning procedures on paper, and then recursively refining them as you move forward, as further thought, results, or opportunities suggest.
In its simplest essence it’s just a matter of starting with a clear description of where you want to end up (your goal or definite chief aim), connecting that with where you are now, and filling in the blanks along a time line of the things you must do / achieve to reach your goal.

Axiom Of Success
No individual has sufficient experience, education, knowledge, native ability, contacts, and/or resources to insure the accumulation of a great Fortune without the cooperation of other people.

Every plan you adopt, in your endeavor to accumulate wealth, should be the joint creation of yourself and every other member of your “MasterMind” group. You may originate your own plans, either in whole or in part, but see that those plans are checked and approved by the members of your MasterMind alliance.

Decision Moves The HoloCosm
Truly, there is a magic power in a definite decision of consequence. It changes all your life. It sets in motion a chain of compounding, directed consequences that ensures you against failure. It opens your spiritual connectivity with the HoloCosm, which then brings benefit back to you.

If You Don’t Consciously Install Money Consciousness…
Here’s the horrible thing, which you must power up against, unless you’re willing to accept mediocrity, poverty, and desperation...

Poverty consciousness voluntarily seizes the mind not occupied with money consciousness.

A poverty consciousness develops without conscious application of habits favorable to it!

In modern terms, a poverty consciousness is the “default” position of the human consciousness at the present time in the present social order.

The money consciousness, on the other hand, must be consciously created to order.

And that takes thinking, it takes work, it takes effort. Although because of the highly leveraged rewards, it’s a very light burden, indeed!

Dog Your Quest

The mystery of sex transmutation talks of a passion for your quest!

If you could dog your wealth quest, your enterprise, your project with the same intentfulness, passion, and persistence of a male dog chasing a female in heat, how much “discipline” would you need?

Your progress would be greater. Setbacks would not have any duration nor significance.

There lies the magic in sex transmutation.

It’s about loving what you do. It’s being passionate in what you do!

When love and passion drive you – work is not work. It is easy. It is doing what you’d most prefer to do most in all the world! With passion, you don’t have to force yourself to work on your project, career, or finances… It’s not like a “job.” You find it impossible to do otherwise – by nature.

Fortunate, indeed, is the person who has discovered how to give the emotions generated around sex an outlet through some form of creative effort, for he has, by that discovery, lifted himself to the status of a genius.

When you pursue your single definite chief aim single-mindedly, distractions don’t come up. That powerful focus is made easy by intense desire.

Omega Energy
Obviously, when we’re dealing with sexual energy, we’re dealing with the Creative Energy. It treats of the male-female energy.
The Eastern philosophy calls it Yin-Yang energy, which best translates as Life Force.

You, female, need the male; you, male, need the female. Without both parties, nothing is born.

Omega Energy speaks of the balance of both energies to be optimally effective. And surely, when all of Nature operates on the principle of duality, no sane person could argue against it.
There is a right way to characterize your actions in the world, and it has to do with incorporating both aspects of behavior – the yang and the yin, the male and the female, the testosterone and the estrogen.

Balance the Yin and Yang energies to apply your life force, your passion, your energies, sensitivities, and motives to accomplish wealth.

In any coming together (mating) of duality, a third, an offspring or effect, is created.

This shouldn’t be a surprising idea, living as we do in a creative Universe. Indeed, the entire Think And Grow Rich philosophy is premised on the growth metaphor of planting seeds (male/action) in the soil (female/medium) that grow into wealth (offspring/result).

Again, it’s all about being conscious in the preparation of, selection of, and nurturing of the seeds of wealth you intend to sprout. The law never varies; it works. You do your part right, and you receive the riches you went after.

Take A Page From The Sports Book

It might be good to note here how the coaches play high stakes pro football by conserving the sexual juice of the players in the days leading up to the game. The aim, of course, is to control and direct its release for accomplishment on the big day. That speaks of another way to employ the principle of balance.

This is the mystery of sex transmutation.
Control, direct, unleash the energy to accomplish.
That female inspiration for the male drive is exactly what we’re speaking of…. (Of course, it’s male inspiration for the female.)

Harness it to accomplish great things.

Mind As A Computer

The human organism is like a computer. It’s not the computer that determines the output and benefit it delivers. It’s not even the software program.

That’s why it’s so important to construct in advance energizing, empowering, affirmative thoughts and emotions, so you can drop them into place anytime you need, on command.
The excellent operational efficiency of the computer and the software not withstanding… It’s what you put into the computer that determines what you get as output. Computer geeks have a statement, “Garbage in, garbage out.” For our purposes, might we say, Excellence in, excellence out!”?

Positive, empowering thoughts, thoughts of your definite chief aim, mixed with faith, driven by emotion, images of achievement, positive self-talk, reminders of the value of what you pursue, these are the emotionalized input you use to consciously think and grow rich.

When you think these thoughts, not only do you communicate positive messages that animate you to perform the actions you need to achieve your goals (self-fulfilling prophecy), these thoughts also connect with universal intelligence so that synchronicity and serendipity can work for you.
In short, you work the Universe the same way you work yourself, and in working yourself, you work the Universe.
Quantum: We All Are One

Another feature of the subconscious mind is that it is the individualization of the creative intelligence in the human animal. (Actually, all creatures, but our discussion here is limited to the human animal.)

The subconscious of every individual is connected by being Infinite Intelligence. It’s a spiritual realm, in which you interact with the subconscious of every other individual, force and item in creation. Your subconscious affects all things through the law of vibration and attraction (otherwise known as electricity and magnetism). As well, it is affected by the spiritual dimension of all things and organisms… according to its wavelength. Just like x-rays and magnets only interact with other items on their vibrational wavelength.

The Broadcasting And Receiving Station For Spectacular Results

The subconscious mind then becomes the “sending station” of the brain, through which vibrations of thought are broadcast.
The creative imagination is the “receiving set,” through which the vibrations of thought are picked up from the Cosmos.
Thus, the technical operation of your mental “broadcasting” station is a comparatively simple procedure. You have three principles to bear in mind and to apply when you wish to use your broadcasting station: the Subconscious Mind, Creative Imagination, and Auto-Suggestion.

The catalytic factor is the intensity of emotion you direct into your intended outcomes, plus the faith you have that you will achieve your definite chief aim. Therefore, we use words like passion to reveal the route. Words like determination, obsession, willpower, and steel to express your will. …. Amplify your desire.

To See The End In The Beginning, Rhine Into Quantum
There’s been a lot of progress over the ensuing decades… Rhine was right, of course. Following in the tradition, famed researchers have led the way into the HoloGraphic Universe and Quantum reality, and given substantiation and explanations that never existed before. It’s all the same, Rhine into Quantum – normal reality is so stupendous it’s paranormal! Don’t be fooled by appearances of discrete, fragmented separateness...

What you aim to do through the means of this philosophy is of the paranormal level, also. The proper term for it is psychokinesis – the movement of matter by mind. Of course, if, as scientists tell us, all is just a form of vibration, the mystics agree thousands years, hence… We each are participating in the cosmic soup in accord with definite rules…

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