In another lifetime, Chriss Barr was Vice President of Portfolio Strategies and Chair of the Investment Committee for an asset management company. "Basically, I spent my entire previous career managing money for wealthy entrepreneurs around the U.S. for 13 years," recalls Barr. But the small firm she worked for went through a major change. "The firm was bought out by a large bank. I felt that that our ability to deliver outstanding investment advice and portfolios had been seriously diminished, and we were no longer able to deliver investment services I could be proud of."

After four years under new management, Barr left the firm to form her own hedge fund research business - but before taking leave, someone gave her a book on Feng Shui, the traditional Chinese art of energy direction via spatial design.

"I hadn't heard of it before," says Barr, "and decided to use it to set up my new office. Before I left the firm I had 2 clients and $120,000 in business without advertising or marketing. Although my experience in the industry was a big factor in getting these clients, I couldn't help but think that Feng Shui played a part, too."

Her transition from her research business to starting Palm Beach Feng Shui was a gradual one. "Friends started asking me to create Feng Shui plans for them. I became so interested in the changes and effects it had on their families and their businesses - all positive, by the way - that I closed down the research business and focused solely on Feng Shui."

Barr's decision to do so was assisted by serendipitous events. As she recalls in her new book, 4 Easy Ways to Ignite Your Love Life and Fatten Up Your Wallet: "I really wasn't sure where to begin studying or who to study with but in less than a month an opportunity to study with my first Feng Shui Master fell in my lap. Over the course of the year I was introduced to four other masters who would end up teaching me all eight schools of Feng Shui."

"My story is really representative of the underlying concepts of Feng Shui. It's all about creating balance and harmony…when you're relaxed it's easier for you to start attracting what you want in life: more money, the right relationships, overall sense of well being and making decisions from a more rational perspective. Just as water seeks the path of least resistance, so do the energies that affect and influence our daily lives."

Her reasons for writing '4 Easy Ways' resonate with the same idea. "I couldn't find any classical books on feng shui that the average person could read and understand. I wanted to create a book that was easy to read, easy to understand, easy to apply and specific to each person, without diluting Classical Feng Shui, the way most Western books do."

Chriss Barr imparts her knowledge as a Feng Shui Consultant to help others enhance their lives by reorganizing their lives to properly align with their flow of energy. "Most of my clients contact me for two reasons: they want more financial success, or they're looking to have better relationships in their lives. This book gives you all the information you need to do all these things and get your feng shui set up in less than an hour. And since it's classical feng shui it works."

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