I’ve often been asked "How can I be positive when I see what’s going on around me?" "I don’t have health/abundance/money (you fill in what you don’t have)." "What about the ‘reality’ I now face?" "Don’t I have to deal with that?" "How can I be positive in the midst of all that’s happening to me?" And yes, you could claim that I have a ‘Pollyanna’ attitude to everything, declaring that there’s always something positive in everything that happens to us.

Maybe so. I'm not belittling the problems people may be facing and ‘facing reality’ is something we all need to do. We can’t just ignore a thing and hope it will go away. We need to deal with whatever needs dealing with on a practical, day-to-day level. But more importantly, we can try and understand that (according to the Law of Attraction) the reality we’re currently seeing is a result of our past thinking and beliefs and that the thinking and beliefs we hold now are creating/attracting what will happen to us tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, ad infinitum. What we’re seeing in our lives now is the outcome of our previous thought patterns. This gives us hope because we can see that if we want to change that outcome then we can do it by beginning to change our thought patterns and beliefs to more supportive and sustaining ones… Now.

Once we’ve dealt with the day-to-day things and determined that we will become more aware of our thoughts and beliefs from now on, what then, can we do to raise our spirits and thereby our circumstances? A favourite trick of mine is to keep photographs around me, of me doing wonderful things (all the things I’m proud of doing in my life.) And photographs of my lovely family too. For you it might be different. Just choose the best memories you have and focus on those. Perhaps you might like to place a vase of flowers somewhere you can see it if that is what gives you pleasure, or a special ornament. Allow the things you have around you to be things that really lift your spirits and allow you to feel gratitude and happiness. And at least once a day, think of something you have done that really made you feel good (a ‘Kodak’ moment for you) and simply re-live that moment over again.

Another thing you could do is find yourself a nice notebook that appeals to you and begin a 'gratitude' journal in which you record all the things you have that you're grateful for. Think about what's good in your life right now.

Doing this will put you into a lovely state of mind and give you temporary relief from your problems for a while too. Not only that, your new, positive, more enjoyable thoughts will be affecting your future, and the results will soon start to show up in your life. And remember, this is the Law of Attraction we’re talking about here. It can’t not happen.

Now is the most powerful time there is. We can't rewrite the past or undo what has been done. The future's not here yet. The only time there is, is now, so if, despite the problems we now face, we can allow ourselves to become a just little happier today, we can then begin to set the stage for a much more enjoyable and fulfilling tomorrow for ourselves.

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