Visualisation is a lovely tool we can use to enhance our ‘cosmic orders’ or simply take ourselves away from the present to a lovely place. You ‘cosmic orderers’ out there will no doubt already be visualising the end result of your orders and imagining how you will feel once they’ve been achieved. And that’s the key really, to enhance the ‘feeling’ aspect of it. This brings your dreams so much closer, so much faster.

You can also use visualisation for healing too. For instance, if you’ve got a stomach problem, simply close your eyes and imagine an army of little men down there washing everything clean. If it’s a headache, try visualising your forehead bathed in a healing, soothing light. It doesn’t matter what your ideal picture is as long as it works for you. Or close your eyes for a few minutes and picture yourself radiantly healthy. Or if there’s something your dis-ease currently stops you from doing that you would like to do, then visualise yourself doing it. Get creative. That’s half the fun of it. One of my favourites for a quick pick-me-up if I’m tired and hot, is to visualise a beautiful waterfall and let myself have a shower under it. I imagine that the waters have healing powers too. Lovely!

If you have a special goal or dream you would like to manifest in your life. Try doing a short visualisation around it every day. Whatever you are visualising for, it helps if you can actually picture yourself in there and really feel the accomplishment of your goal. To help with this, before you begin to visualise, take a good look at your hands, or your feet, or your body. Just pick some part of you that’s easy to memorise, and really focus on that until you can see it with your eyes closed. Then when you visualise, let whatever you just memorised, show up. If it’s weight you want to lose, see your stomach as it is now and watch as it gently and gracefully flattens to your perfect size and shape. Then imagine the lovely feelings of going out and shopping for clothes in sizes smaller than you do now! If it’s a new home, see your hands and fingers putting the key in the lock. You get the idea! Just for a while, suspend your belief and ‘make believe’ that these things are really happening for you.

And you could add an affirmation to your visualisation too. Simply state “My new ___ comes into my life now and I love it,” during your visualisation. Or pick something more appropriate to you. And if you use the affirmation daily when you’re not actually visualising, you can add power to it by including a small ‘cameo picture’ in your mind, which is taken from your visualisation.

People can sometimes have doubts about whether or not they can visualise. If this is you, stop right now for just a minute and think about your home. Imagine yourself walking from the path outside to your front door. Turn the key or the handle or whatever and let yourself in. Go into the living room and sit down. There… You just visualised. You don’t need to sit with closed eyes in the lotus position, and have wonderful sights and sounds. Some do, but it’s not absolutely necessary. Visualisation is simply your imagination doing its thing.

And don’t worry about the practicalities of visualisation. Just find yourself somewhere comfortable where you won’t be disturbed for a short while and maybe put on some nice background music and sit or lie and close your eyes. You don’t need to visualise for long. Just ten minutes a day will do. Whatever you choose look forward to it. Enjoy it. Play with it. Have fun with it.

According to the Law of Attraction, we attract into our lives, whatever we ‘put out’ on a consistent basis. So why not ‘put out’ good vibes and visualise your dreams... Today!

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