Surfing the Internet recently, looking for inspirational videos for my Forum and web site, I’ve come across a strange phenomenon. There are many lovely videos out there with the usual breathtakingly beautiful photographs and music on, but instead of the normal ‘I am healthy’, ‘I am rich’ type of affirmations, you would expect to find; there are new words that ask the question ‘Why am I rich?’ ‘Why am I healthy?’

I use affirmations constantly in my work, and they’ve done me a lot of good, both personally and professionally. However, while it is true to say that they work on a general level and that the more you use them the more effective they are, there’s also the problem which I’m sure we all have, of one half of our mind saying "I am healthy" (or wealthy or whatever) and the other half saying "Yeah… Pull the other one!" Is there no wonder, then, that we often fail to achieve our goals?

This new way of phrasing things comes from a completely different viewpoint. So instead of affirming (for example) "I am rich." we would ask ourselves, "Why am I rich?" And our conscious, logical, left-brain, which loves problem solving and riddles will immediately begin to try and list the reasons why we are rich. And if we keep asking the question, it will keep on finding even more answers for us. And there will always be answers. Give it a try. Even if you don’t feel particularly rich right now, ask yourself "Why am I rich?" and see what you can come up with. My own answers ranged from "I have my health and strength" to "I don’t have to worry where my next meal is coming from." And those answers will keep coming over the next few days or even months. The more you ask the question, the more answers you will receive.

And can you see that in doing this, you are now focusing on the positive instead of the negative? Your mind isn’t playing the "Oh, don’t be daft!" tune it can sometimes play when you use an affirmation. Instead you’re actually looking for ways to prove what you’re saying (that you are rich.) And the Law of Attraction says that ‘like attracts like’ so even more thoughts about why you’re rich will come flooding in. And as you build your list of reasons for why you are rich (or healthy or whatever) you begin to attract more of that richness or healthiness toward you, giving you even more answers to your question. It’s a continual circle of goodness flowing to you.

You can use this method for any problem you find yourself facing. So for instance, instead of affirming "Cosmic Ordering and the Law of Attraction works for me." you could ask, "Why does Cosmic Ordering and the Law of Attraction work for me?" Then go and find the answers to that one. Your mind will easily come up with some examples of when you’ve succeeded in the past and these will ‘fuel the fire’ for orders you’re still working on.

When I tried using "Why are the things I Cosmically Ordered coming to me easily and quickly?" recently, I felt a real surge of excitement as I began to mentally list the reasons. For me, this was a real turning point because somehow I’d never quite been able to feel that my dreams were coming true quickly enough, despite visualising daily, writing them in my Order Book, posting them on my Vision Board, putting notes into my Secret Box and affirming like mad.

Yes, I still believe that affirmations have a role to fulfil in helping us achieve our dreams but I also think this new idea will work wonders for anyone serious enough about their goals and ambitions to give it a try. Well… Is this you?

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