Positive thinking is an amazing tool which can enable anyone to achieve a more fulfilling and successful life. Through harnessing the power of positive thinking your mind is tuned in to expect success. In fact it will make you feel sure of it so that you know deep down you WILL succeed in whatever you are doing.

If you doubt the power of positive thinking then think on this for a moment. If someone asks you a question which you aren’t sure about, how long does it take you to answer the question… a few moments right? However, if someone asks you a question and you know you know the answer how long before you reply this time? Well it’s instantaneous so you can immediately respond because you believe you are right.

This in effect is how positive thinking works. You become confident and expect success so you constantly take action on what you desire…. and believe you will get it. This gives the impression that you are attracting into your life almost effortlessly all the objects or circumstances that you desire. This effect is known as the ‘Law of Attraction’. When you know how to use this effectively then all manner of things become possible. You are actively able to attract circumstances that you desire in to your life. This could be wealth, relationships or whatever you choose.

Of course there is a proportion of the population that considers all this to make no sense what so ever. They may have heard of the phrase ‘positive thinking’ and may have possibly tried to use it half-heartedly in the past but never really grasped what it was all about or how to use it effectively.

Well, I’m here to tell you that if you analyzed the behavior of many of the ‘top achievers’ in their field you would discover many aspects of positive thinking being used in their life. They may actually not realize that they are using positive thinking techniques but you would be surprised to find out how many successful people actually use them.

Let me give you an example now. Creative visualization is a technique whereby you actually picture yourself in a situation ‘living out’ a particular success story that you want to achieve. As your mind cannot tell the difference between an imagined and real event your mind actually starts to believe that you have been successful. This allows you to develop deep profound confidence in your own abilities to achieve a particular outcome.

Many successful sportsmen use this technique. David Beckham spends as much time imagining his free-kicks in his mind as he does on the training ground. This gives him astonishing confidence in his ability. However it doesn’t stop there, you see by making the brain think it has done something it then has to provide a way to actually do it in real life!

This is proved most famously by Henry Ford who came from a poor uneducated background. He imagined one day to create a horseless carriage. Of course most people at the time labeled him a bit of a day dreamer, but he knew differently. He had seen in his mind that it was a possibility which gave him belief and thus his mind subsequently devised a way for him to make it reality.

These days Ford cars are a common part of daily life but initially it all began through Henry Ford’s positive thinking.

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