Everybody has a dream. A fantasy, if you like.
Usually it takes the form of something we would
like to have, or something we would like to
happen to us. How we respond to this dream
will decide whether we are successful, or whether
we remain as we are.

We could continue to dream and say 'If only...',
knowing that we will never see our dream come true.
In this case our dream becomes a SUBSTITUTE for action.
Or we can act on our dream and try to make it happen.
In this case our dream becomes a MODEL for our action.

I think we all have a dream. Be a millionaire, own a
nice home in the country, own a Rolls Royce, whatever...
That dream will only remain a dream for as long as
we let it. In most cases this is forever.

Many people think that a dream is just a pleasant fantasy.
Well, it can be. But the most important aspect of a dream
is that it is a signal for action. The most incredible
succ*ess stories all began with a dream. A dream is a goal
for us to achieve a purpose in life - a destination.

That last point is very important. A goal is essential if
you are to achieve great wealth. And it is important that
you focus on a specific goal in your dream. It is no good
saying that you want to be rich. This is not specific
enough. That would be like going to a bank and asking for
plenty of money!

To set an effective goal it must be a specific one. Your
ultimate goal will be reached via many smaller, short-term
'goals'. Remember, a goal is a destination, and you can't
get there if you don't know where you're going.

The Power Of Desire

Once you know what you want, you must then imagine what
life would be like when you have it. If you want to be a
millionaire, think of how you would spend your free time,
and the luxuries you would enjoy. This brings into play
the power of desire. This is an enormously strong emotion.
When we desire, we tend to make more positive attempts
to obtain the object of our craving.

Buy a small note book and write about a typical day
(or day off!) when you are we*althy. Imagine what you
would be able to do with the increased spending power.
Write down everything that you would like to do, given
the chance. Be as explicit as you like, and write it as
vividly as you can.

When you have finished, read it back to yourself. What
does it do to you? Can you feel yourself aching to be
able to live life that way? Does it make you really
jealous of those who are enjoying that sort of life?
If it does, then well done. You have just created
desire. If you have done it well enough, you should
want that life so much that it hurts!

Read this note book every day. Add more to it if you
think of something else you would like to do. Your
book will motivate you through desire. It will remind
you of the reward waiting for you - and it will inspire
you to succeed.

So now go back over your dream of the future. You are
now going to focus on the things you desire. You no
longer want a Luxury car - you want a Rolls Royce.
It isn't A house it's THE house. The one on Accacia
avenue that you pass every day on your way to work.
You must now start to focus on your 'goals'.

Observing The Reality

The next stage of action is to observe the reality.
If there IS a house you would like, then visit it
often. By this I don't mean you should stand under an
adjacent street-lamp and leer ghoulishly at it until
the cops arrive! You need only walk past it. Plan what
changes you will make to it when it is yours, mentally
re-arrange the garden and picture how you will change it
to suit you.

If you know which sort of car you would buy, look at a
model in a showroom. Find out about it. Get the specifics.
Find out how much it costs, what extras are available, and
other relevant details. Remember, you are converting your
dream into hard facts. You are creating a specific
destination. By doing this, you will be taking a positive
step toward achieving your dream. Whereas before you
were a thinker, now you are a doer. Positive action is
characteristic of a successful entrepreneur.

Look To The Future

An important aspect of of visualizing your dream is the
ability to look to the future. In doing this you are
applying the same technique as millions of other
successful people. You must see your life as it will be
when your dream comes to fruition. You are preparing yourself
for your own success.

Many of the people who buy books on starting a business
actually don't bother starting up. They can't imagine
themselves ever running their own business and earning
Unlimited amounts of money. They never see things how
they can be - only how they are. Don't make this mistake.
KNOW what you want, KNOW how to get it, SEE how it WILL
be, and then go for it!

Yours in success,

Kevin Quigley

Author's Bio: 

Kevin Quigley is the former Publisher/Editor of the Online Internet
Affiliates Resources Directory and the offline Business Opportunities
Directory (UK). Visit: http://freeadz.homestead.com/