Pureness of heart is the ability to see that all that exists is Spirit, Brahman, Consciousness, Krishna, God, Allah and nothing but this Beginning given different names by the wise of all ages. The pure heart sees that all of existence, all of life in its different forms, is This and nothing else. There is no notion of a separate deity in some other place, there is no notion of a separate and personal identity on some circular search. Nothing exists outside of this Beginning. Nothing CAN exist outside of this Beginning. It is all there is. Everything is That. Tat Tvam Asi – Thou art That. You have never been anything else, but in as long as you believe you are something else, your freedom eludes you.

For the pure of heart, everything is the expression of the sacred One. There is nothing else. There are no exceptions. In every situation, in every conversation, in every face, in every exchange, in every appearance, in every presence that comes to you, know that there is only God. There is only Brahman. There is only Krishna. There is only Allah. There is nothing else but what the wise have named differently.

“Purify yourself,” means get rid of all the notions of separateness that you hold within you and get to the essential nature of everything. Go past the surface, the superficial appearance of this world, and behold the light of this one Truth. Drop all the identities, the names, the categories, and the labels for they are all false. They mean nothing. Even the names attributed to the Beginning mean nothing. The labels and the names are useful to a certain point, past this point you must drop even these names or you can use them all, it doesn’t really matter. There comes a point when words will mean very little. The facelessness, the formlessness, and the namelessness of the Beginning cannot be understood by the mind, so for your heart to truly be pure, the mind has to be emptied. Empty out your mind.

In as long as you perceive a separate identity for yourself or anyone else, know that you are buying into your own mental activity. Identities are formed by the mind. The images of yourself and other’s that you hold, the images and labels you attribute to all that appears before you, are not at all Real. Don’t attach to these images and create a separate sense of “me” or an-other, no matter how appealing this might be, it isn’t what’s Real. Always keep in your awareness that everything is Self appearing in some form. Keep a one-pointed focus on this. There is no separate “me,” and there is no “other.” Let’s repeat that. There is no separate “me.” There is only That. There is no other. There is no Teacher. There is no student. There is no guide. There is only That. It is always only That coming into view as an-other. Don’t be deceived by the images and the scenes in this cosmic soap opera. There is only Self. Only Self exists. The Truth is simple. The mind can make it complicated. So, empty out your mind.

This Truth will not compete for your attention. In as long as you perceive and accept a separate identity of your Self or an-other from That, in as long as you cling to labels, images, names and the like, the Truth will elude you, it will not come into your awareness. If you behold the image of something or someone to be the truth, you’ll get attached to this image. You’re free to grab hold of the Truth and keep that and only that in your awareness, or you’re free to grab at your own mental activity only to attach to it, avoid it, and desire it. You cannot clench your mind around mental images and hold this Truth at the same time. It’s either one or the other. You cannot hold that everything is sacred Spirit while at the same time you give things other identities. Drop all the images and identities you hold of yourself and everything or everyone else around you. The images and identities veil the essential and true nature of everything seen and unseen only if you allow them to. There is only Self. See only this. See only Self in all things and in all forms. There is only Spirit, Brahman, Consciousness, Krishna, God, Allah…there is nothing else but this Beginning.

When you see this, you know, you experience that you have always been That. You are free as you have always been free. Attach to your own mental images and identities of a separate little self for you or an-other, then freedom becomes something to achieve later.

To purify the heart, you must empty out the mind. It is only with an empty mind that the heart can see the light of Truth.

Only Self exists.

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a contemporary thinker and published writer on personal development, spirituality, and self-re-discovery. She writes on various topics in the mind-body-spirit connection drawing from her education, various wisdom texts, and personal experiences.