I love The Secret as created by Rhonda Byrne. It was perfect in almost every way for the world today. It created a stir in the imagination of so many who had given up on themselves or the world in general. It did, however, leave a couple of vague impressions that need to be further explained.

First, the issue of greed needs to be addressed. Since The Secret, today’s answer to moving beyond one’s self-imposed limitations, for those who didn’t get the whole message, was to move into a “greed mode.” As nature always balances, the opposite of the intended teaching has emerged in monumental dimensions. Our economy shows us, first hand, what misuse of these wonderful principles causes…dishonesty and greed.

The lesson that MUST be brought to the people is this:

There is a price for everything you want.

It is not about picking from a catalog randomly. You can have everything you want, but not all at once; and certainly not at the cost of the well-being of others. It appears to me they forgot to stress the need for integrity. You can have wealth, but you must create a mental equivalent, frequency or consciousness first so you can grow into the space where these things come to you naturally. This is information that MUST be disseminated.

Michael Beckwith said that a positive thought is a hundred times more powerful than a negative thought. He was absolutely right! I love Les Brown, and in the movie Beyond the Secret his point is valid that you need to continually feed your consciousness with positive affirmations. I’d like to additionally point out that this truth doesn’t make Beckwith wrong. First we build a consciousness of love, then our word has character and integrity. Then, and only then, we can create something we won’t lose just as fast as we acquired it. Someone with a spiritual, loving consciousness can negate a hundred negative thoughts with one Spiritual Truth instantly!

Many of us who viewed The Secret used the information as seeds to grow happy, healthy lives. Others used it as fertilizer to empower their greed.

One or two speakers might lead the viewer to believe that having money is the cure for everything. If that were really true, why did rich, famous and powerful Elvis Presley, Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe die brokenhearted? Who could ask for more than what they had?


What we receive without understanding or having earned it by raising consciousness disappears leaving us worse off, missing what we can no longer have.

I’ve been told that the largest percentage of lottery winners go bankrupt within 3-5 years. This, I believe, is the reason:

There is a price to get what we want. Dedication. Giving up the trivial to focus on what truly grabs our heart. The inner desire is what validates the choice. Manifesting something that isn’t divinely inspired leads to the experience of achievement followed by “what’s it all for?” or
“Is that all there is?”

The difference is INSPIRATION vs. SELFISH GREED.

When fear is the basis of our longings, at the end we still have fear.

Which is worse: worrying because we don’t have enough money or worrying that we will lose what we have? Worry is painful, period.

I have tons more to say about this, but I know this is enough to start a new wave of thought about responsibility, dedication, integrity and raising consciousness to supersede merely selfish materialistic fantasies. Our greatness lies in our dedication to our highest ideals. The Universe will provide for our every need ABUNDANTLY when we are attuned to a spiritual, loving life.

Author's Bio: 

Todd Puntolillo, Writer, Teacher, Healer.
Author: The Dream Maker and The Mystical Secrets of Life