If you MLM distributors are just an ordinary guy, and you are feeling the hurt of this mostly-government-induced long recession--or if you have long thought that you wish you had a better life, with money enough that you can go to any restaurant and order anything on the menu without worrying how you'll pay forit, with more independence to do what you most want to do--you need to know about Internet-based affiliate marketing, or online MLM.

No matter who you are, if you simply have a computer and high-speed Internet access, coupled with the right level of motivation and will to persist, you can ake extraordinary money through online MLM. You don't need anything more than that.

Now, as with all things, the way to be successful with online MLM is to have the right knowledge of the right things to do. No matter how simple they may be,if you don't know about them how can you do them?

One of the first things to understand is that you should not expect really big success to come rolling in for about a year. During this first year you will be setting everything up, and contrary to the get-rich-quick scheme that doesn't happen overnight. But, if you are persistent and patient and keep building your business day by day, your big payoff will SEEM LIKE it came overnight. Once your business is built and is known about by enough people, customers and affiliates alike, you will be making money hand over fist even while you sleep.

So, the setup is the key. You will need: a great website; a carefully considered niche-targeting product or service to sell; and a solid Internet marketing plan. If you join an already-established online MLM company, they will probably give you most or all of these resources. You will still need to duplicate the top-level income earners' business, however, so in that sense there are no shortcuts.

Your website should be dynamic and include animation/video, great written content that is constantly kept fresh with new additions, and an attractive layout that makes it easy for a site visitor to navigate it. If you are thinking up the product for yourself, keep it sharply targeted to a niche. Never try to be too broad or be all things for all people. Don't sell footballs; instead, specialize in selling little green footballs and merchandise that all centers on that theme. Your marketing efforts must be constant, especially during your year or so of building. Use articles, videos (check out the Article Video Robot for this), podcasts, autoresponders, and e-newsletters for your marketing efforts to keep costs extremely low.

With MLM, you will make a large portion of your money through the efforts of other people in your downline. So, train your people well. Tend them well. Be their guide. You'll find a lot of your people don't make the efforts you need them to. So, when it comes them, forget about them, and focus on those who are serious about the business.

The day will suddenly come when you can fire your boss and never again have to worry about any recessions.

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Aaron Alexandra Ngoh Kwong Meng is an expert online marketer and owner of the site worldsponsoringacademy.com/blog. The World Sponsoring Academy helps the Network Marketing/MLM pro to find, get, keep, and grow their downline by helping them to execute effective marketing and selling systems. If you want to succeed in network marketing,download your free book on how to use the Internet to double or triple the size of your organization within the next 30 days. Aaron has 10 copies to give away;click here for instant access