Just as the color of our eyes is controlled by our DNA, so is our attitude and acceptance of money. From a very early age, our “money blueprint” is developed. Usually it is our parents who create this blueprint for us. If we see our parents begrudge those who have money, then we grow up with those same attitudes. If our parents are careless with their money; then we have a good chance of not being good savers or investors, too. In short, we inherit the idea of how we feel about The Right to Have Money. If your financial status is just where you want it to be, great. If not, you may want to keep reading.

Unfortunately most of us have probably grown up around people who have convinced us that we don’t deserve to be wealthy. A common attitude, or myth, we have been taught is people with money, and don’t have to experience living life on a paycheck-to-paycheck basis, are lacking in strong, moral character. This is indeed a lie, a myth because our true moral character is not defined by how much money we make or have, but rather our character is defined by the choices we make with how we spend the money we make or have.

After all, how can you help yourself and others to lead a richer, fuller life if you are not in a position financially to be able to do so? I am sure that we were not put here to spend our lives struggling around money and not able to enjoy the richness and abundance that life has to offer. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that you were in a position to be able to help other people to live the life of their dreams?

Why be satisfied with a little when you can contribute so much more towards creating a life of elegance, beauty and richness for yourself and others. If your financial status is not where you want it to be, a good starting point is to believe and feel that you do have the right to have money. Focus on how it would “feel” not to struggle. Begin by telling the Universe what you do want. Begin by creating a new money blueprint for yourself.

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