The “Rumpelstilkin Process” – a highly effective way to develop creative imagination.

Is creative imagination a natural gift, an inborn talent, or can it be developed?

Many people are convinced the ability to think creatively is an inherited talent. They consider creativity it is a natural gift, like musical ability, possessed only by a fortunate few. But this is certainly not so. It is a skill that can be acquired. Like any skill your ability to think creatively can be developed.

There are a number of techniques and processes you can use to develop your latent creative imagination.

There is an unusual technique I devised which you will find remarkably effective.
It owes it origin to theories developed by the psychologist Jung, who studied the hidden meaning of myths and fairy tales in great depth.

This technique enables me to look at difficult situations and problems from a completely different perspective. In this way I am able to arrive at creative, effective solutions.

I have called this technique “ The Rumpelstilskin Process”, because it is based on a detailed examination of incidents in the “Rumpelstilskin” fairy tale, the story of a strange little man with an odd sounding name who had the magical ability to spin straw into gold.
But the same technique can be used with any fairy tale.


If you have forgotten the details of this delightful fairy tale you’ll find it well worth your while to read it once again.

When you examine incidents in the story in detail, you’ll realize Rumpelstilskin’s ability to spin a worthless substance like straw into gold is not a supernatural power. It is not meant to signify magical ability. It is a symbol of exceptional skill combined with the power of creativity.

You can learn how to develop your dormant creative powers and acquire this skill.

Open any book of popular fairy tales and read this fairy tale you enjoyed as child once again. This time do so very carefully. Examine every incident and detail as you would when reading a detective story. Look for hidden clues.

A fairy tale is similar to a secret code that can only be broken by a detailed analysis of all the incidents and circumstances. To recognize the underlying significance, it is necessary to analyze every aspect of the story. Let us examine incidents in the “Rumpelstilskin” fairy tale.

After you have read the “Rumpelstilskin” fairy tale carefully, focus on certain incidents in the story and ask yourself the following questions:

How was it possible for a person like a common miller
to speak to someone as important as the King?

What was the miller’s motive in approaching the King?

Why was he so anxious to impress the King?

Why did he claim his daughter could spinstraw into gold?

What prompted the king to test her skill?

What was the significance of the sudden appearance of
the strange little dwarf, “Rumpelstilskin”?

Why did the miller’s daughter have to make sacrifices?

What did “Rumpestilskin” want the child instead of riches?

What was the significance of the name “Rumpelstilskin”?

Apart from the mental exercise of examining every aspect of this fairy tale from all angles, there are important lessons to be learned. Situations have to be viewed from a completely different perspective in order to understand their true meaning.

Only then will you be able to arrive at the most appropriate solution to a problem. You will know the most suitable path to take.

There are important lessons to be learned from the symbolism in the “Rumpelstilskin fairy tale”.

This fairy tale highlights the fact that most difficult situations, no matter how serious, can be resolved. Obstacles can be overcome by the use of four vital strategies.

Strategy number one:
Develop specialized skills, exceptional talents, technical expertise or contingency plans. This will make you capable of dealing with any problems that could arise.

Strategy Number two.
Be aware that it will be necessary for you to make certain sacrifices to deal with the problem at hand. Decide what sacrifices you are prepared to make.

Strategy Number three.
Use your imagination to formulate creative solutions. These solutions must form part of the concessions and sacrifices you are prepared to make.

Strategy Number four:
Don’t hesitate to make use of expert, professional advisors.
whe you consider it necessary.

In this story, the miller’s daughter made use of these four strategies in order to solve her problem.

Firstly, she experimented with different techniques until she was able to arrive at an effective method of transforming the “straw” into “gold”.

Secondly, she realized she would have to make sacrifices. It would be necessary to give up something more and more precious on each occasion.

Thirdly, when the sacrifice demanded of her – having to give up her child – was too drastic to consider, she had to use her imagination to find a creative solution. This involved using the secret name “Rumpelstilskin” to neutralize his power.

Finally, this vital information was provided by her professional advisors, her Couriers, whose help she enlisted.

Every problem, every obstacle, every unpleasant situation you are obliged to face in life will require some form of response from you.

In the course of life one is called upon to face many unpleasant incidents

It is not the nature of the incident – however serious it may appear to be – but your response that will determine whether or not you have been successful in dealing with the problem.

This question of response is the most important factor in dealing with every adverse situation in life. This is an important lesson to be learned from an examination of the “Rumpelstilkin fairy tale”.

In spite of the fact that the problems faced by the miller’s daughter appeared to be insurmountable, she was able to solve them by responding to them creatively. The small gifts of pieces of jewelry, she gave to “Rumpestilskin” represented concessions.
They have important symbolic significance.

The importance of concessions or “sacrifices”.

You have the capacity, the potential and the ability to achieve whatever goals you have set yourself in life. But one thing is certain. In order to achieve these goals
it will be necessary for you to give up something in return.

The “sacrifice” you will have to make may be your time; your energy; certain pleasures and amusements; favorite recreations; personal indulgences; even relationships.

You will have to make a personal assessment how much you are willing to give up. It may be necessary for you to re-arrange your life to accommodate your goal.

Everything you acquire in life involves an exchange in some form or another. This is an immutable law of nature. There are no free lunches!

To find the most suitable solution to any difficult situation and respond effectively, it is necessary to approach the problem from a different perspective.

You will find the process of examining every incident in the “Rumpelstilskin” fairy tale
- the “Rumpelstilskin Process” - a valuable mental exercise in developing your creative powers.

Examine incidents in other fairy tales in the same probing fashion. After you have done this don’t confine your efforts to fairy tales. Start looking at a variety of different situations in life from a completely different perspective.

Even if the conclusions you have drawn are far-fetched, impractical and completely unrealistic, this exercise will help you develop the ability to examine situations in a way you had never thought of previously. You will start to think more creatively.

Faced with problems you may previously have found insurmountable, you will discover you are now able to deal with difficult situations with ingenious and innovative techniques.

You will be able to draw on the most powerful resources at your disposal – your creative imagination!

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