Lots of people aren't satisfied with their jobs and their income. Is it possible to change it? Let's look first at three different kinds of income. They are:

1. Earned Income - income obtained from working for someone else or a company.

2. Passive Income - income that is generated from business.

3. Portfolio Income - income that is generated from investments in paper assets.

Earned income comes from working for someone else, either a person or a company. Usually the income is limited and people work just hard enough to not get fired. Employers pay workers enough, so they don't quit.

In this kind of income sometimes it's possible to earn more if a worker by his or her effort makes more profit for the employer. Of course it is the employer who always gets the bigger "slice of the pie." There is nothing wrong about it, but usually it makes people feel bad that they make someone else richer. Feelings aside, the things simply are like that.

The good thing is that when the employee gets the paycheck he or she can pay bills. If the money is not enough for expenses, people often start borrowing money. This is very dangerous because borrowing money not for investments, but for buying more and more things, often leads to poverty. Borrowing for investments or education is better but it's also risky.

If you are in debt take advice from Canakya Pandit who said that problems like fire, illness and debt should be resolved as soon as possible.

The problem with earned income is that it's usually boring and not really motivating to work for someone else and most people don't like their jobs.

If you like you job or you are very well paid there is no need to feel bad about working for someone else. If not there's not need to stay in the "rat race". Lots of people get out of it using the knowledge about manifestation and the law of attraction.

Passive Income is generated from businesses. You make money selling something or offering some services. You must be responsible and disciplined to be successful in business, but you can make your own schedule and make yourself rich, not someone else. Great thing is that you work for yourself.

Portfolio income is making money work for you. You make money from paper assets like bonds, stock market, certificate of deposits, and mutual funds.

To make money from portfolio income you must have financial knowledge, otherwise you could lose money.

Whatever way you want to make money you can dramatically improve your life like thousands of people now, who are learning about the science of manifestation, and consciously make the law of attraction work for them.

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