Like a lot of people, we appreciate the movie The Secret
for its wisdom and how it helps to inspire people. But
what if you are following all the tenants of The Secret
and still are not reaching your goals?

We’ve witnessed a lot of realistic, seemingly “deserving”
people follow the Secret’s principles and still not get
what they desire.

One reason they may not be making great progress in
reaching their goals is because it may not yet be time to
reach them. It’s important to keep taking action and along
the way, meditate on the “next best step.” If you still feel
blocked, read on for some important information. Also, if
you are fated to reach your goals, you will reach them.
Unfortunately, if you aren’t fated to reach a certain goal,
you won’t have success.

Another consideration that is not fully explained in The
Secret that can make a difference between success and
failure is an accurate assessment of subconscious blocks
that are sabotaging success.

The subconscious mind rules your life. It completely lacks
reasoning power and stores all of the hidden core beliefs,
misconceptions, fears, defenses, and biases formed mostly
before age ten. The subconscious mind reacts just like a
fearful child; it’s not rational or sensible like the
conscious mind.

The challenge is that it’s not always easy to know what’s
hidden in your unconscious mind under your conscious
intent, no matter how much you meditate, express gratitude,
or monitor your thoughts.

Although you may be consciously fearless, your subconscious
mind may possess intense apprehension. Often, subconscious
beliefs are at odds with conscious viewpoints. For example,
even if you consciously desire a compatible love relationship
with all of your heart, if your subconscious mind equates
relationships with grief, or some other form of suffering,
it will do everything in its power to generate conflict or
keep you single.

As another example, the subconscious mind can influence
someone enough to make them unattractive if they
subconsciously equate being attractive with abuse. Or,
someone who subconsciously, deeply resents rich people
will subconsciously sabotage their efforts to acquire and
keep wealth. It’s like a hidden, super-power part of your
mind that doesn’t always act in your best (conscious)

Until you uncover, confront, and resolve unconscious issues,
your subconscious mind will interfere with your life, often
opposing your conscious desires and plans. Personal issues
keep you from reaching your highest potential. Subconscious
thinking must be aligned with conscious desires in order to
reach your goals.

How do you find out about the depths of your subconscious?
Graphology, or handwriting analysis is one of the most
effective ways of uncovering subconscious fears and
defenses. The U.S. Library of Congress categorizes it as
a branch of psychology. It’s one of the quickest, most
objective, most accurate, and least discriminatory forms
of personality analysis in existence.

Graphology is so informative because it reveals subconscious
character, the real personality, not just the persona and the
one seen when a person is at his or her best. It’s been used
by many Fortune 500 companies and select law enforcement
agencies (including some of those at the Federal level) for

Instead of taking subjective personality tests, trying to
effectively monitor the submerged complexities of your
subconscious yourself (good luck), or enduring months of
sessions with a psychologist, you can get right to the
heart of the matter through handwriting analysis.

See the “graphology” page on for more
information about Graphology.

A well-trained graphologist can give you a clear, extensive
assessment of your subconscious blocks and hidden fears,
but their services are not inexpensive. As another option,
our Graphology Keys and Trait-Based Guide will help you gain
a lot of priceless information on your own, for a fraction
of the cost, simply by comparing your handwriting to these
easy to understand, but comprehensive, self-help tools.

Try our f.ree graphology reports as in introduction (click
on and then click on the “…f.ree handwriting
analysis reports” link).

Graphology is the secret that will help you be even more
successful with The Secret.

Copyright © 2007 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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Scott Petullo and Stephen Petullo are identical twins and have been exploring metaphysics since the early 1980’s. They are experts in the fields of prediction, personal fate, love life, and past life regression, and are natural psychics and mediums. Get their free report: 13 Spiritual and New Age Myths and 11 Questions to Ask before hiring Psychic.