The secret movie has a large portion of content dedicated to the subject of gratitude. Most self-help books and programs stress the importance of gratitude.

Exactly what is gratitude and why is it important?

Gratitude is a pleasant feeling generated by thoughts of appreciation for a kindness, for things that we receive or for things that are already in our possession. Plain and simple gratitude is nothing more than a feeling generated by thought.

Why is a feeling of gratitude important?

There are three reasons given in response to that question, dependent on whom you are talking to, but interestingly all reasons point to the same answer.

The religionists claim that by giving thanks to a God, you are given more of what you are grateful for and by being grateful for what you are asking for as if you already have it you are showing absolute faith that you will receive it.

The Metaphysicians will tell you to give thanks to the Universe, first Cause, or your higher power. Thus, confirming to that unknown energy that yes, this is want I want and I want more of the same. Moreover, by being as grateful for what you are asking as you are for what you already possess you will expedite the appearance of that thing in your life.

The neuroscientists will tell you that it has nothing to do with God or the Universe but the way your brain functions. That the human brain is a pleasure-seeking organ that attracts you to what you believe will bring you the most pleasure.

All three provide a long, drawn answer that requires one sentence.

Gratitude fixes your attention on what you have rather than on what you don't have.

The only difference between the three is that while the religionists and the metaphysicians claim that your desired is outcome is attracted to you, the scientists claim that you are being attracted to the desired object.

Which is correct? Who knows? The important point here is that long before The Secret movie created the current excitement about the law of attraction, self-help coaches were emphasizing that you attract or are attracted to what ever you are focused on.

A good example of the importance of focus is found in the answers to a few computer related questions.

If you are using a P.C. how often do you notice a new Mac. based program, or when a new update is available?
How quickly do you notice a new piece of P.C. compatible software that will make you work easier?

The law of gratitude forces the same awareness, through focus of the things that you do want and are interested in; rather than what you don't want.

Which of the three methods is the best? That is up to you and your belief system. All three work for different people.

How does this gratitude accomplish what is claimed? I don't know. Of course I don't understand how computers work, but I still use them.

Where attention goes energy flows!

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