The less we learn to long for -- or depend upon --

Special understanding from others,

The less we will suffer for not receiving this.

The less we suffer over what others

Seem incapable of giving to us,

The less unhappy will we find ourselves

In these unanswered moments of our lives

Spent in the company of friends and foes alike.

The less pain we have over what life appears to deny us,

The more at peace we naturally become with ourselves.

The more of this serenity we grow to know within ourselves,

The easier it becomes for us to give to others

This harmony founded in our New Understanding.

Whenever we give others this new order of Understanding

Without asking for anything in return,

Those we greet with this Gift are silently touched; they are moved

By this willingness to put their concerns before our own.

And it is this one action that awakens in them . . .

Their sleeping need to respond in kind.

Happiness is the wholeness found in conscious kindness.

This is the secret of perfect relationships.

Author's Bio: 

Guy Finley is the acclaimed author of more than 30 books and audio programs on self-realization that have sold over a million copies in 16 languages worldwide. To learn more about Guy and his non-profit Life of Learning Foundation, visit to request your FREE Self-Improvement Starter Kit, and discover why Guy's latest audio program, Secrets of Being Unstoppable, is transforming lives worldwide!