I bet you have a color you totally adore and one you can't stand. There doesn’t seem to be anyone on this planet who is impartial when it comes to color. Color can inspire us, soothe us, and excite us. On the opposite spectrum color can depress us, aggravate us, and annoy us. However, how many of us consciously realize just how much influence color has on our emotions? Color’s electromagnetic vibrations can actually promote feelings of happiness, confidence and move us to change our entire outlook on life. Yes, that's the power (or energy) of color!
Let’s look at how that power is expressed. Have you ever noticed that we use color to express our feelings? Here are some examples:

I’m feeling blue.
I’m green with envy.
I’m red hot with anger.

Color also signifies actions for us. At a traffic light, we stop on red, caution with yellow and go on green.

So, where can we easily use the energy of color to control our own emotions and actions? In our everyday appearance by focusing on our clothing and fashion accessories! My focus is to look at what extent the clothes and fashion accessories we wear help build our confidence, improve our emotions and drive us into high energy.

When shopping for clothing and accessories, colors typically get our attention first. If you like the color, then you evaluate the fabric, style and texture (and price). Color choices reveal your current mood and personality traits. What does your current wardrobe say about you? Are you choosing black because you believe you need to “hide” something? Are you going monochromatic because you’re unsure as to which colors to match? Do you use color to counteract a gloomy day? Do you find yourself buying the same color over and over again? Are you avoiding certain colors because in your mind it won’t look good on you? Normally, I would say that you should always follow your intuition. However, I’ve found that most women are stuck in a black, white or earth tones rut. Here’s how I look at it – a wardrobe is like a painting. Black, white or earth tones are your bare canvas. You need to add wonderful paint colors to bring the picture to life. If you’re still staring at the blank canvas, it’s time to experiment with other colors and elevate your energy and confidence.

Now that you’re determined to add some colorful brushstrokes to your canvas, which colors should you use? Here are some emotional associations with colors:

Red: Energizing and passionate. It builds our confidence. It erases moods that are negative, gloomy and depressed.
Pink: Pink emits and attracts love; this is the color of romance.
Orange: Like the Sun it is revitalizing. When you wear it alone it is the marriage sign, it can make your journey faster to the altar, with your lover.
Yellow: It encourages circulating energies. It is mentally stimulating and a good influence on financial gain.
Green: This is the color of nature and represents hope and money.
Turquoise: This color has influences of healing and brightening due to the blending of blue and green.
Blue: Blue means true. It is both inspirational and calming. It is a good color to wear when you are overanxious and quick-tempered.
Purple: It is the color of luxury, success, and social advancement.

Here are some ways you can pull the new colors into your wardrobe:
• Experiment by adding a strong color according to your mood to a neutral color (white, black, gray and earth tones).
o Wear a bold color top with a neutral color bottom.
o If you’re wearing a black top and bottom, add a colorful accessory, such as red or turquoise scarf or handbag to break up the monotony.
o Add boldly colored jewelry to offset monochromatic clothing.
• Play around with colors of the same family (pink with maroon, turquoise blue with navy blue).
• Become purposeful – know what mood you’re after and then wear the color that will help you achieve it. Going to a big corporate meeting and typically wear a dark suit? Well, add some red to signify power and femininity.

Remember that playing with adding color to your wardrobe is fun and energizing. You create your very own style, build your confidence and determine the level of energy you’re going after. So, it’s time to move from drab to fab by energizing your everyday wear canvas with powerful colors!

Author's Bio: 

Marion Chamberlain is founder of MMC Style (http://www.mmcstyle.com ), an Internet store for European fashion accessories sourced from unique and highly-talented small design shops in Europe. The online store offers high-quality European fashion jewelry and leather handbags to those women who want to be unique. MMC Style (http://www.mmcstyle.com ) European fashion accessories are truly unique and can't be found in department or chain stores.