Making money and bringing in new business and lots of it can be easy if you know the basics of effective marketing. What I have found in my twenty successful years in sales and marketing as both a Sales Executive and Sales Director/Regional Manger is, most people when they start out don’t know the fundamentals of successful marketing.

You may not have a sales background although you find yourself in a situation where you are opening your own business and you are the sales and marketing department.

If you're not sure how this happened, since your goal was never to be a sales person, but none the less that is the position you find your self in, don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you think.

Know your potential customer

First and foremost you want to know your potential customer. Who are the people that would hire you or buy your product or service?

What demographics are they in? What are the types of things they do for a living? Are they mostly women or men or both? What is their age range? What type of life style and income do they have? What are some of the things they would enjoy on their day off? What are some of their problems? What would be obstacles standing in their way to solving those problems?

Spend about ten-twenty minutes writing down who you will be marketing to over all. What you want to accomplish here is a good feel for the type of people that would be interested in your business.

If you don’t know who they are you won’t be able to effectively know how to market to them and that would hinder you in making money. Example, if your target market is mothers in the age range of 25 to 40, that is much different then executives of both men and women age range 35-60. You would not market to both groups the same way.

Search to find out where your target audience is looking for solutions

Second most important factor comes from the first exercise. Once you have a clear picture of who your clients/customers are and what their problems may be, you can move on to the next step. Finding out where these types of people would look for answers.

It’s very important at this phase that you do some research on this. You want to make sure you spend at least a day or more on researching where these people would look for answers to their problems.

You may find that they rely on trade magazines. They may spend time on the internet doing searches for what they need. If that is the case you now have an idea of where they look so you can show up there.

Finding out what would grab their attention

Third you need to know what would grab their attention. That is one key to making money. What you would need to write on your web site or in an article or advertisement?

If it’s a page on your web site you want it to come up when your audience is searching on the internet. By going to Google search:

and typing in keywords for your demographic, this will tell you how many people if any actually search for that word or phrase.

You can then type in other key words to see if they are popular searches. This will give you a great idea if you’re on the correct track. You will know what to write about that will interest them and in that writing how to give solutions to their problems. i.e.; your service or product.

No use in advertising in a place where your target market is not looking, or writing an article on your web site that no one finds.

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