Self confidence is a topic that's very important to many people. Typically, the more confidence you have in yourself, the happier you are and the more things work out for you.

So what can help you get self confidence? Here are the top ten things that can help you improve your confidence starting today.

1) Reading Personal Development books with an emphasis on getting self confidence.

2) Listening to Audio CD's of successful men/ women teaching confidence building information.

3) Watch television and movies that inspire you to live with more confidence.

4) Change the way you perceive yourself. See yourself having more confidence and live into that image.

5) Positive self-talk is a great way to get self confidence. Positive affirmations can make the difference between success and failure.

6) Act as if- behave in a manor that suggest confidence during times when you would most be afraid.

7) Stay away from negative people who enjoy keeping you down.

8) Get a hero- Learn from the experiences of others at times when they were confident.

9) Make a BIG deal about little progress. Congratulate and reward yourself for each confidence building step.

10) Remove time from the equation. The key is to improve your self confidence. It doesn't need to be done by midnight tomorrow. As with all of life, getting more self confidence is a process that will take time.

This list is definitely a great place to begin. I believe the easiest action step is to simply go to Barnes and Noble or, purchase and read one or several books that specifically help to increase your confidence.

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