At least half of your success is contributible to the title that you choose for a book according to Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of Guerilla Marketing.

But it’s also true for ebooks. So it is crucial that you create a great title. Because the truth is that if your title doesn’t grab your potential buyers, they will never look inside your ebook let alone read it!

So what stops people from creating a killer title? There are 3 major title issues that I see over and over again that I want to discuss here.

1.Ignoring the benefit of what the reader will get from reading your ebook
2.Having a disconnect between the title and the content of your ebook
3. Lack of imagination and creativity in title creation that does nothing to sell your ebook.

Most authors put a lot of time and thought into their writing but lose focus when it comes to writing a successful title. They forget to tell potential buyers what the benefit is that they will get from reading your ebook.

If you don’t tell people what’s in it for them, it’s not going to interest them no matter how cool YOU think your title is! In fact, you’re very likely to get a reaction of “So what? Next.”

Here’s an example. If I were to compile interviews from
a live event with ebook experts and call it something like
eBook Secrets: Interviews with Tops eBook Experts and then feature large pictures of each expert, most potential buyers would be unmoved unless they were already huge fans of at least one of the experts and even then it would be pushing it!

But if you changed it to say “10 eBook Experts Share Their Secrets On How To Write An eBook In 72 Hours or Less, How to Turn Your Blogs, Articles and Newsletters into eBooks Instantly, and How to Make Huge eBook Sales While Building Your List...Guaranteed!" Then your potential buyers would excited. See the difference?

Another Example would be a title like:
"Real Estate Investing, How To Make Money"
There are a million books and ebooks on how to make money with real estate. So what you want to do is come up with something more specific that tells your potential buyers what makes your ebook different as well as exciting and why they should want to buy it NOW!

Will they makek money Faster? Easier? There has to be a reason that compels people to want this ebook instead of all the other ebooks out there. Again, stress the main benefit and be specific!

And always state it in a way that is going to excite your potential buyers and get them to say “I’ve got to get this ebook because I’ve really got to find out what they are talking about!”

The second problem I see is a disconnect between the title of an ebook and it’s content. What I mean by this is that people forget what they are supposed to be writing about.So they pick a title they really love, and write an ebook they think is great, but the title has nothing to do with the content-or approaches the subject from a different perspective in the title and the content.

So in the first instance an ebook with a title that sounds like it’s about being a successful woman in business but in fact it’s about how to find balance in your life would be a disconnect.

So you wouldn’t want a title like "Minding Her Own Business: An Insider’s Guide to Becoming A Successful Woman Entrepreneur." This is a great title for a business book, but it’s the wrong title for what we’re trying to achieve here because it’s NOT about finding balance!

A better title for our example would be “Minding Her Own Business: An Insiders Guide to Becoming A successful Woman in Business and in Life!”It’s catchy and clever and nails the problem many women have to overcome to find balance in their lives.

The other problem is approaching the title from a difference perspective than the one taken in the content of your ebook. So if you were writing about women who love too much and how they can't stop, but then you wrote it from a male perspective of how men should deal with women who love them too much, you’d have a problem.

You’ve got to figure out who you are trying to reach and then come up with a title that speaks to them or you will confuse them and you won’t sell any ebooks!

And the last problem is simply not putting enough time and effort into coming up with a great title. This usually happens when you use a title that simply and straightforwardly says what it is.

What I mean by that is if you wrote an ebook about saving money on groceries and you called it “How To Save Money On Groceries”, or you wrote an ebook on deep sea fishing and called it “Deep Sea Fishing: How To Fish From A Boat” You get the point. It says what it is in a straightforward way that just isn’t going to “hook” your reader and make them want more!

So if you want to sell a lot of ebooks, find the right title for your ebook, one that catches your readers’ attentions and makes them want to read it AND reflects what your ebook is actually about.

Without taking the time to do this, you could just be wasting precious time writing a great ebook that no one will ever read!

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