Think a Virtual Assistant should only be used to help you with administrative tasks? Think again. Virtual Assistants are all-around hands. Meaning a good Virtual Assistant is a master multi-tasker; skilled and knowledgeable in all tasks he or she accomplishes.

With that being said, here are the top fifty ways you can utilize your Virtual Assistant:

Administrative Support

1. Email management - You know all of those emails currently sitting in your inbox? Allow your Virtual Assistant to take them over and answer, forward or flag for later.
2. Calendar management - Unless you are super organized, you may have some appointments listed in your outlook calendar and some written on a sticky note. Give your clients your Virtual Assistant’s contact information. From now on, any appointments you must attend will be recorded in your calendar. And with a reminder attached to it!
3. Set up and maintain databases - If you keep all of your client business cards in a rolodex or shoe box, it’s time to ask your Virtual Assistant to place that important information into a spreadsheet or online database.
4. Prepare handouts and presentations - Got an important meeting tomorrow and no time to put together handouts or create the presentation? Your Virtual Assistant is available to keep you on track!
5. Distribute a survey - wish to know how happy your clients are or if anything needs to change? Ask your Virtual Assistant to pull together and distribute an online satisfaction survey!
6. Create a mailing list - Have your Virtual Assistant not only create a mailing list but maintain it. You never know when you will need to send out important information.
7. Gift service - whether it’s for a holiday, special occasion or to say ‘thank you’, have your Virtual Assistant take care of researching and ordering client gifts.
8. Follow up - Your Virtual Assistant can follow up on those unpaid invoices, RSVP’s to events and meetings and inquiries.
9. Answer service - Yes your Virtual Assistant can be set up to receive and answer phone calls!
10. Need documents formatted? Ask your Virtual Assistant to take care of this for you.
11. Need to fill out some paper work? No problem! Your Virtual Assistant can certainly do that for you.

Marketing and Public Relations

12. Website design
13. Media Kit - need help promoting your business? Your Virtual Assistant can create and distribute a custom media kit for you!
14. Social Media Marketing - are you on Facebook? How about Twitter and LinkedIn? Let your Virtual Assistant set you up for success in the social media world!
15. Internet Marketing - get your business on the Google map with Google Ad words and Google Ad Sense. Marketing yourself on the internet is a cost effective and all around successful solution to getting your business name out into the world.
16. Article Marketing - your Virtual Assistant can write and distribute articles relating to your business and industry; making you stand out as a professional in your field and get your name recognized.
17. Blog set up - a blog is an excellent way for you to let your personality and knowledge shine.
18. Advertising ads - your Virtual Assistant can help you create, write and distribute ads for you!
19. Chat room and online group maintenance.
20. Copywriting - discover the power of persuasive writing and ask your Virtual Assistant to write your web content and all other promotional materials.
21. SEO - Search Engine Optimization is used to help increase Google rankings and traffic for your website. Your Virtual Assistant can help your website outshine the rest!

Book Keeping and Accounting Support

22. Tax time - taxes can be a tedious task. Outsource the job to your experienced Virtual Assistant and save time and the costs of hiring an over-priced accountant.
23. If you do choose to have your taxes taken care of through an accountant, your Virtual Assistant can prepare all documents for you so they are ready to go!
24. File those receipts and bills - ask your Virtual Assistant to organize and file them for you!
25. Invoice clients - let your Virtual Assistant worry about the task of invoicing clients for your services.
26. Are customers late on payment? Your Virtual Assistant may be able to help by coordinating a system for delinquent accounts to be paid in instalments.
27. Payroll service - it’s time to pay your employees and you don’t even have to worry about it when it’s taken care of through your Virtual Assistant!
28. Pay those bills - whether it’s your rent, hydro or phone bill, it all needs to get paid and your Virtual Assistant can ensure it will!
29. Manage your budget - Your Virtual Assistant can manage your budget so you know where your money is going and how much is coming in.
30. Create financial reports - whether they are forecasting, business, headcount or inventory reports, let your Virtual Assistant create and maintain them.
31. Journal entries - ask your Virtual Assistant to track who owes you and how much has been spent.

Desktop Publishing

32. Create address labels - have your Virtual Assistant create address labels for all of your mailing needs.
33. Create a logo - your business should have an effective logo to stand out from the crowd. Allow your Virtual Assistant to create this for you.
34. Create letterhead - your Virtual Assistant can create your letterhead for you!
35. Business cards - don’t pay expensive fees to have your business cards designed. Allow your Virtual Assistant to do this for you.
36. Business flyers - need a flyer to promote a special event or your business in general? Your Virtual Assistant can certainly help with the creation and distribution.
37. Create an outstanding invitation - whether you’re having an open house, or special event, leave the invite design to your Virtual Assistant. You only worry about attending and generating business!
38. Thank you cards - no need to worry about making time to write and send thank you cards. Your Virtual Assistant can do this and even design them for you!
39. Eye catching newsletters - keep in contact with potential and current clients through a newsletter. Your Virtual Assistant can design, and maintain your business newsletter.
40. Have an announcement? Allow your Virtual Assistant to create the perfect announcement!

Event Planning and Personal Concierge

41. Travel arrangements - whether it is for business or pleasure, allow your Virtual Assistant to make all arrangements for you including: air, hotel, and car rental.
42. Scrapbooking- yes many Virtual Assistants are very creative and would be happy to help you create the perfect scrapbook!
43. Personal shopping
44. Personal reminder service - you will never forget a birthday or anniversary with the help of your Virtual Assistant!
45. Dinner recommendations and arrangements - whether it’s personal or business, your Virtual Assistant can research and reserve dinner reservations for you.
46. Out of town but don’t want your clients to answer to a machine? Your Virtual Assistant can be your own personal answer service.
47. Event research - your Virtual Assistant can research venue, vendors and dates for your upcoming event.
48. Event registration - guests will be accounted when your Virtual Assistant keeps track of event registration.
49. Name tags and welcome packages- Your Virtual Assistant can create and maintain guest name tags and informative welcome packages.
50. Write a press release - let the world know about your event by having your Virtual Assistant write and distribute a press release.

*Please keep in mind that not every Virtual Assistant will possess the all skills listed above. Please inquire about services.

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