I have a secret, too. In all of the excitement about attracting your desires, this secret has been sadly overlooked. And it is the foundation for true fulfillment.

The Ultimate Secret

Here is the ultimate secret: Works that come out of the passion of our souls make a huge difference in the world. When we read a book, experience artistic expression like music or art, or attend an event that is the result of soul infused passion, we are deeply affected. We have found a precious gem and feel honored to share the moment with others.

As I work with people in conscious business and even spiritual endeavors, the connection with the deepest part of our selves is often missing. We don’t allow time for it. Yet, when we take time to connect with our souls, and then connect from one soul to another soul, something extraordinary happens. We create an opening for inspired, impassioned creativity to occur. In this moment, we experience love and fulfillment of the soul that is way beyond any achievement or possession.

What is worthy of your time and attention? Life presents a confusing array of feelings and desires. What are you deeply passionate about? How do you know which desires to go after? How can you solve problems? How do you let go of painful experiences from the past that are affecting current relationships and choices? How do you have more loving connections with people?

The Solution

The angels of love are here to help you discover the truer part of yourself that knows. The purpose of the love angels is to guide you into a profound personal relationship with God. From a connection with God and the truer part of yourself, you access divine intelligence and experience endless varieties of love.

4 Steps to Connecting with the Passion of Your Soul

Find a balance of doing your part and opening to receive help. Your part begins by identifying where you need help, or what you want to attract. Once you have identified the area, think of specific questions about this topic.

Step 1: Gain Self-Awareness

Thinking about specific questions in contemplation takes you to thoughtful observation or deep reflection. Use contemplation to find greater self-awareness. The angel Awareness helps you recognize the most important topic, how you feel about it, how it affects you and your loved ones, and find your greatest desire or the bigger picture for the situation.

Step 2: Cherish Change

The next step is to find the part of you that wants to change and is open to ask for and receive help. Ask for help through prayer. Prayer is a powerful method of connecting directly with God and your angels. Ask the angel Change to help you find the truer part of yourself that is open and wants to change so you can experience more love.

Step 3: Be Receptive

Listen and be receptive to responses. Notice how your prayers are being answered. Be alert for evidence that God and the angels are assisting you. Ask the angel Desire to help you become more aware of your thoughts, feelings and desires - they are attracting the circumstances of your life.

Meditation is a form of inner listening and receptivity. In deep meditation, you experience a connection with God, your angels, and your soul. From a receptive state, the angel Realization guides you into personal experiences of love, forgiveness, illumination, joy, faith, liberation, peace – the quality of love that you need most.

Step 4: Take Action

As answers come, take action. The angel Action shows you the steps that move you toward your desire. Actions get you unstuck.

You may receive one little step at a time. Take that step, and then look for the next. It is easy to overlook the small help that comes to you as having no value. How often do you walk by a penny on the sidewalk? Sometimes the smallest things are a vital link to the next step.

Be eager to recognize and receive all the help that is coming to you and see what happens!

The Glory of Soul Achievement

Discover the desires of your soul by following the 4 steps to open your heart to the truer parts of yourself. Along the way, the angels will show you where confusion, pain, and old beliefs lurk to sabotage your efforts so you can release them and change. The angels want to help you rise to your full potential and then bask in the glory of soul achievement that is greater than you could ever imagine!

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Author's Bio: 

Kimberly Marooney is a gifted author, mystic, workshop leader, and spiritual counselor.  Since 1992, she has helped hundreds of thousands of people world wide open to God's love, heal and move forward on their life's path. Kimberly Marooney is the best-selling author of three powerful books for self-transformation: Angel Blessings Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration, Your Guardian Angel, and Angel Love Cards of Divine Devotion, Faith, and Grace. Now in its 10th Anniversary edition, Angel Blessings has been read by over 300,000 worldwide and is considered a classic.