Reflections upon Self

A Greek philosopher once said “An unexamined life is not worth living”.

Self-reflection is the time we take out in our daily life to reflect on ourselves. We need to self-reflect on our weaknesses, strengths, habits, our relationships and how we deal with other people in our lives.

Let’s look at some tools that can help us reflect on our knowledge and resources. Developing a habit of positive self-reflection can improve your productivity and constructive actions.

It also improves your chances of being successful.

Transform Your Thinking

Your thinking can maximise your strengths and minimise your weaknesses. The art of self-reflection is the innate ability to look inside you and to act accordingly.

It is not self criticism.

It must be a positive activity bringing you closer towards your true self, enhancing your natural characteristics. You can achieve any goal you set out to achieve if you reflect upon and rehearse it in your mind beforehand.

Positive reinforcement and visualisation can aid your success.

Athletes use this technique where they visualise their chosen goal and reinforce this with disciplined training. Before you succeed in doing anything, you should believe in it first to prepare to achieve it.

Learn to catch a quiet moment, close your eyes and imagine:

- This is who I am. (Think of a positive achievement in your life and the feelings you had at the time)
- Then think of the task that needs to be done and say: “I can do this”.
- This is why I can do it. (Think of one quality you have that you will tap)
- This is how I will do it. (Think out the sequence)

Ask Yourself Tough Questions

Look into your true self. Your achievements in anything you do are determined by how honest you are to yourself first and then to the world.

Examine your past failures too.

Failures are only outcomes that did not come out the way you wanted. Think of what you would do differently now, if you had to do it all over again.

At least once a week you need to sit down alone and confront yourself. Be honest.

When you confront yourself honestly, you start focusing on your real potential. Ask yourself questions you have been avoiding. This resolves inner conflicts and makes us more comfortable with being who we are.

It will put you in a higher state of self-awareness and resourcefulness.

Living without Fear

Face the fears which have become a hindrance to your life. Fears can be conquered.

Imagine yourself standing face-to-face with your fear. Is this the worst that can happen? Ask yourself how did I get into this? What things must I have done, or not done? What can I do today so that this does not happen?

This will rationalise and break down your fears. A transformation through your constructive actions can give you the courage to move on and free you to enjoy your true potential without fear.

Don’t hold back. Embrace your fears then let go of them forever.

Don’t let fear take your courage. Take the plunge into the unknown and face that risk...

When you plunge into the unknown, that’s when you can achieve your true potential.

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