Yes, there are a dozen humanitarian reasons why the war in Iraq should be ceased immediately. But these issues have been covered already.

I am now asking, has anyone considered the long-term implications on the US and the rest of the world? No, I’m not just talking about the prolonged aggression between the Middle East and the US. This too has already been covered – and, yes, we must be extremely concerned about the implications of being saddled with the Muslim hatred of us as ‘godless infidels”.

However, I am more concerned about how it may change the whole political structure of the world.

Consider this: the US is now in recession and spending billions on the Iranian War. The flow-on is a country that could be heading towards bankruptcy, increasing unemployment, and without the economic stability to support its own people with their humanitarian rights for national health care, higher education, and an equitable standard of living.

I live in Australia and I’m extremely concerned. Sometimes I feel as if we have ring-side seats to the “Fall of the Roman Empire - Part II”, and there’s nothing we can do about it. If you know your ancient history, the Roman Empire after being the ‘leaders of the ancient world’ for over 200 years, finally fell when the Goths overpowered them. The underlying reason was although the Romans were the most highly trained military force of that age, their population was relatively small compared to their conquered countries. They were finally overpowered by sheer numbers.

Now, let’s return to the possible “Fall of the US Empire” circa 21st century. And I don’t think it’s just the Arab countries that we have to be concerned about.

China is now the fastest growing country economically in the world today. The best investments in today’s shaky world share market is China stocks. China is quickly buying up energy resources’ infrastructure around the world. They have just made a successful bid in buying the infrastructure of Australian coal and uranium resources. Yes, they will control the plants!

China reminds me of a huge sleeping giant just waiting to arise. And as for numbers (remember the Goths) – the US has 300 million, China 1.3 billion! If the US crumbles economically, socially and depletes their military resources – who will then become the “leaders of the free world”? And will it still be free?

Despite all the dastardly deeds the US governments, past and present, may or may not have done, I would still prefer to be speaking English than Chinese.

© Ann Marosy, 2008.

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Ann Marosy is an Australian author, freelance journalist, accountant, and an ongoing student of philosophy, theology, and ancient history.

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