There is a problem with the majority of success minded
individuals way of approaching success. It^s not a complex
problem, but the intensity of it is enormous. What I mean is
most people have a success block or barrier that hinders any
action for victory. The solution, however, is simple. It^s
definitely NOT easy. But it^s real simple.
What is the secret?

Glad you asked.
If you are a person who dream of success but find yourself
wanting, wandering and wondering about what to do to achieve
your goals, desires and dreams OR if you keep *doing things*
that do not produce the results you wish, read on.

Your unspoken secret that is murdering your success
is the fact that you care too much what people think about you.
That^s it. End of story.

If you are held back by lack of (or timid) action, fear of
failure or any other issue that may cause you embarrassment
or fear of ridicule, then you have a problem with caring too
much about the other person’s thoughts more than you care
about success.

Think about your finances. Do you NOT trim down the budget
because you don^t want to be embarrassed at what others
might think? Do you give in to the *going out* when you know
you don^t have the cash? Do you buy big expensive things
like cars or houses to make sure you don^t look like the
*outsider* while all the while your money situation is totally
out of control? You care too much what others think.

Do you eat when everyone else eats even when you^re not
hungry because you don^t want to feel like you^re not part of
the group? There^s no control over what you want because
you^re too busy trying to please people you don^t like by
eating food you don^t need with money you don^t have. But
hey! You^re not disappointing anyone. Except yourself.
What do you want?

Do you want to lose we^ght?
Do you dream of building wealth?
Do you desire a great relationship?
Are you trying to succeed by promotion in your career?

The solution to caring what others think is easier
said than done. But there is a way within your mind that
you can make it much more of a reality. And with some
practice, you^ll be much more respected for your achievements.
Here are a few ways to stop caring too much about what
others think.

1. Take a stand.
There^s an old saying that goes *If you don^t stand for
something, then you^ll fall for anything*. That is one of
the most profound statements that I have ever heard. The
fact is if you don^t stand up for your convictions, your
passions, you^ll wimp out and intellectually become limp like
a wet noodle when you are challenged. Take a stand. But
even more, know why you take a stand. Know your position
on what you believe and know why you take that position.

Do NOT just believe something because you heard it somewhere
and your friends seem to believe it. Taking a stand is more than
being someone^s parrot. Be an individual and you^ll make a
powerful impression.

2. Take massive action.
When you have firmly claimed your passions and
convictions to the point you will fight for them no matter
who differs in your opinion, you are ready to take massive
action toward your goals, desires and dreams. The
hardest part will be growing the backbone to stand up
for your convictions (if you don^t have that type of
personality). But once you have reached that point, it
is extremely easy to take massive action toward your

In fact, no one will get in your way. You will
find more people that are willing to get you where you
want to go. Why? Because you are living what you are
meant to live. You are passionate about what you
believe. You will indirectly command respect and you
will eventually find a following. You will find a following
because most people don^t know what they believe and
they jump at the first opportunity to follow a passionate,
firmly rooted, passionate individual. That is you.

3. Define Yourself.
You will not reach your destiny without being true to yourself.
You will not fulfill your destiny without knowing who you are.
The majority of society is following an idea. As I said before,
there are very few people who know what they stand for and
stand for what they believe in. In order to take a firm stand you
have to know who you are and believe in yourself. How do you
do that?

The first step is to do just like you would if you wanted to
master anything else. You must practice. You must constantly be
aware of who you are, what you are doing and why you choose to
act or react in any given situation. Are you choosing your
behavior or is it dictated by what others may think?

You must define yourself.
As Shakespeare said, *To Thine own Self be true.* If you^re not,
there are difficult roads ahead to success.
Don^t let the never spoken secret kill your success efforts.
Until next time keep looking and living forward.

Mark Thompson
*America^s Most Insightful Guide To
Success and Inner Strength*

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