When anyone tells you that something is impossible what is your response? Not only your outward reaction, what are your inner thoughts?

Do you accept it and go on thinking to yourself, "Yeah! It’sprobably too hard too…" or "They’re right. That could neverwork." Or do you just passively go on with your existencenever to give it another thought?

Well listen. S T O P thinking that way. Before you achieveanything that you think may be even a little difficult, youmust – repeat – YOU MUST own the belief that it is not onlypossible, it is probable. Then, owning that belief, askyourself some very focused questions.


- What do I want?
- What is the first step I should take to be one step
closer to achieve what I am after?
- Who can clear up any lack of knowledge that I need to achieve this?
- What is my plan to get from Point A to Point B?

The most important objective to achieve anything on thisplanet (or out of this world) is to believe. Without beliefthere is nothing.


Become what you focus on. Whether you want to or not you will become what you concentrate your efforts on. If you concentrate on achieving wealth, you will become aware of opportunities to achieve that wealth.

If you allow yourself to become consumed with bad thingsthat happen to you, you will become a person that badthings happen to.

You need to become just like the person you want to be like. This requires reading and diving into the lives of those who have already achieved what you are striving for.

You must become a filter for what you allow in and what you push out. Do this by reading what you want to learn. Listen to audio books that support your goals. Talk with people who build up your ideas.

Just remember you will become what you want to achieveeven if others say it’s impossible.


Beware of the idiots. I have a friend who has a brilliantoutlook on life. He is an entrepreneur and has a lot of great ideas. Not only are they great ideas they actually make him money.

There are plenty of people who would look at him and hisideas and tear down any effort he would make at trying toachieve.

Here’s the part you need to adopt and adapt to your way of life.

To the people who tear down or do not support his ideas are automatically dismissed as idiots. Those who support him and his ideas are always geniuses. That’s a great way to win! Develop your genius tribe. Totally ignore and dismissthe idiot pool.

Now you don’t have to be so raw about it calling peopleidiots (although it may help). You can still apply the sameprinciple. Beware of the nay-sayers. Embrace the encouragers.

Surround yourself with geniuses.

Few things will kill a million-dollar idea faster than idiots telling you it can’t work.

Be You

The last sentence "Few things will kill a million-dollar idea faster than an idiot telling you it can’t work." is SO true.

Another thing that will kill a million-dollar idea faster than anything is not being yourself.

Being yourself is the most unique thing you can offeranyone. Why would you want to rob yourself of the most valuable asset you can offer?

Trying to be someone else is a nasty habit that is sotransparent it turns off everyone who sees it. Don’t do it.No one likes a phony. But everyone loves those who lovebeing themselves.

People are attracted to those who are glad to be themselves and are confident in who they are. These people understand that they are valuable being the only person they can be. Be yourself and don’t be ashamed of you.

Once you have accepted that you are valuable and are surein who you are, you will begin to notice in a very short time that people will begin to be attracted to you. They will want to be around you and unconsciously want what you have got.

Use your YOU power. Be yourself and you will be on your way to successful living.

Successful living isn’t easy. It’s simple but it isn’t necessarily easy. Stay tuned throughout the year for more valuable ideas and tools that will help you accomplish what others would call “The Impossible”.

Until next time keep looking and living forward.

Your Forward-Living Coach,
Mark Thompson
”America’s Most Insightful Guide forSuccess and Inner Strength”

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