The American Dream. The Pie in the Sky. It's what everyone seems to be searching for. It's an endless search for Successful Living and happiness. Do you look around observing how certain others seem to be living that life of success that you are after? Does that lifestyle seem to be slipping away the more you chase it?

Perhaps the answer to success is not in the chase. Perhaps the answer to successful living lies within the one who is doing the chasing. Let me explain.

What sets you apart from everyone else? Go ahead. List some areas in your life that are absolutely, without a doubt, totally different than anyone you know. What are some habits that you have and no one else can claim? They're you habits. List them out. The more, the better.

Now, how many do you have? Five? Ten? Twenty?

There's the answer to the eternal question of how to attain Successful Living. Viola! That's it! We can all go on now and live a life of happiness and eternal contentment.

Okay. Maybe it's a little more involved than that. Just knowing how you're different doesn't make you successful. But knowing what to do with those difference is key. More specifically, four areas you can tap into, that you may not have thought of, may give you a much-needed boost toward your life of success.

1. Know Yourself
When you listed out your differences, you were setting yourself apart from everyone you know. That, in essence, is you. One of the main things that makes you unique is how you're are different than everyone else. As a society, we are programmed to try and be like everyone else. Do not do this. Lock in on your differences. Claim them. Own them. Enhance them. You will soon be the one everyone else is looking at, wondering how you are so successful. Knowing your difference is knowing you.

2. Be Yourself
Don't be afraid to be yourself. Actually stepping out and being someone different takes courage. It takes guts. Take a look at who you consider successful. Are they just like everyone else? No. They are the people who cared enough to jump out of the mold that everyone is trying to fit in. Refuse to be shoved into a mold. Don't believe what you hear. Don't believe anything, unless you question it. The mold-people are mindless and are led by someone else with a leash, which requires no thought process. Most of the time they are being led by another mindless, mold-person who is being led by another. It's an endless and mind-numbing cycle. Do not fall into this. The best way to actually be yourself is to actually think for yourself. Develop your own opinions. Develop your own values. Strengthen your core.

3. Love Yourself
Once you know who you are and you have taken action to be yourself, do not be ashamed. You have been created for a purpose. Take pride in that fact. Finding your purpose (if you don't already know it) is an adventure. There's no reason you can't (or shouldn't) enjoy be you while on your adventure. Love is a verb. You should love yourself. Treat yourself to some things that you really enjoy. What do you like to do? When is the last time you did it? What is life if it isn't an adventure to be enjoyed? Love it. Love yourself.

4. Share Yourself
If you want to feel good about yourself and who you are, share yourself with someone. I'm not talking about an illegal act or something immoral. Give yourself to something you believe in. It may be helping some children. You may go out and help clean up some neighborhood after a huge storm, hurricane or some natural disaster. You may attend a synagogue, church or some other place of worship. Maybe you can give of you time there.

The point is to find a conviction; a deep-seeded belief and give of yourself. You will experience a type of chest-poked-out pride that can only leave a smile on your face so big, people will wonder what you're up to. It's one of the most rewarding feelings you can experience.

There you have it. There are four things that you can chase instead of the proverbial successful lifestyle. There's a paradox here. Master these four things and you will miraculously "find" that successful life. The successful lifestyle we are all looking for is not in someone else. It's not a bunch of secrets that only a few possess. It's in you. It always has been.

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