Is successful living really that elusive? As adults we are so chained to a certain way of living. We are creatures of habit. When it comes to change aren’t you like that baby sitting in a poo poo diaper? It’s stinky. It’s gooey. It’s gross. But HEY! It’s yours! (I hope your idea of successful living is more than an idea of sitting in poopey.)

Does that sum up your "successful life"? If so, it’s time to change your diaper now! No one wants to be around a stinky diaper baby. Not even the baby. It’s time to grow up.

Okay enough of that. What we’re talking about is change for real successful living. Changing your ideas. Changing your direction. Changing your habits. Changing your life. The best change is change that has purposeful direction. Change that just happens for no apparent reason can be good, but if you didn’t do it on purpose, chances are you won’t benefit from it.

Here are a few suggestions that, if implemented, will change your life.

1. Ideas
If you don’t have any ideas of where you would like to be in the next 5 years, here’s a challenge. Write down some things you enjoy doing. Better yet, write down some things you love doing and could see yourself doing for the rest of your life. These can be things you think you may enjoy doing but haven’t had any experience with yet. Write them all down. No limits. Now put that list away for a week and forget about it. Then come back to it in one week. Exclude two of them that you don’t feel as good about the week before. While going through this process, learn as much about the areas that you are not so familiar with. If your interest is fueled by what you find out, keep it. If you find out it’s not what you thought, scratch it off. Continue until you get this idea list down to only a few.

2. Direction
Now that you have a list of just a few ideas of what you could “do”, go
surfing with people that are already doing it. What I mean is hang out with
them. For example, say you’re learning all you can about becoming a
financial consultant. What you may want to do is, meet a financial consultant
for lunch. Buy his/her lunch. Go prepared with a bunch of questions;
pros/cons. If this is an individual that goes and meets customers, you may
want to see if this individual objects to you riding with him/her one day.
(Again, you’d want to buy that persons lunch that day.) Gather information.
Observe the good and the bad of what your day would be like.

3. Habits
This may be the most difficult thing to accomplish. You want to change your
habits to be that of THE must successful person you can be. This takes a
detailed and honest evaluation of your daily life. Are you making the most of
your day? Are you wasting a bunch of time? What can you change to make
your day more successful? Once you make your move to the area you
decide, this change will be critical to your success. Master before you make
your move. You’ll be glad you did.

4. Change Your Life
Change 1-3 and I bet you’ll find your life changed. No more sitting in your nasty diaper wishing you had a different set of circumstances. No more wishing your life was more in line with what your passion is. No more answering to people who do not respect you, your time, your work and especially your life. Change is inevitable. Why not make it yourself?

CAUTION: Do not change just for the sake of change. If you are tired of “bad circumstances” you can change. But know this. You will find a different set of “bad circumstances” that you hate just as much. They will just be called different things. The difference lies in your love. Love what you do. Do what you love. It’s easier to take the bad with the good that way.

Well there you go. A simple but very effective plan to change your diaper… I mean your life. Now what will you do with it?

Let me know how you do with this. I am always eager to hear from you.

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