I know the reason why so many people do not achieve so much of what they want. It's a simple reason and a simple solution. Ready? You may fall into one of these truths. The thing is, you may already know it.

So if you know it, why haven't you already achieved your goals, aspirations, dreams or thoughts? Answer: Because you haven't owned the truth. You (like I have) continue to make excuses for why you can NOT accomplish life aspirations.

Once you actually own these truths, you WILL be so inspired that you will HAVE to take action. So how do you own it - or how do you know how to own it? I'll let you know more on that in a minute (#8) but, first look at these truths and ask yourself if they're inspirational to you. If not, ask yourself why? Do you own them as fact? Or are they just nice little thought?

Inspirational Truth #1
I am one of a kind and no one can offer what I can in the way I can. I am the only one that can give the way I can.

Inspirational Truth #2
I can do anything I set my mind to doing. I do not need to make excuses for why I can't any longer. The truth is, if I had a loved one in a burning building and had any remote chance of going in and getting him or her, I wouldn't have to think about it. I would act in a manner that would prove there was no other choice. Any excuse to keep me from dreams are weak and are just excuses.

Inspirational Truth #3
Others who love to hold me back by offering - even underhanded - discouragement have no room in my life when speaking of my success. They are only attempting to keep me in their sad, stagnant, never moving life. They subliminally are miserable and live by the motto that misery loves company. You will not be there company any longer.

Inspirational Truth #4
The challenges and failings are no longer failings. They are only part of the learning curve that will be the escalator to your realized passions of life. You will succeed by embracing these 'little set backs' and plowing forward to your next step for success.

Inspirational Truth #5
You have a love, a passion, and and incredible thirst to make your goals a reality. You have a priority to accomplish these goals. You have them broken down into bite-size action steps. No one can eat an elephant in one bite. Anyone can eat a whole elephant by one bite at a time.

Inspirational Truth #6
You have developed a support system that will be a cheerleading section as well as an accountability group at the same time. This system will be made up of a group of like-minded people who share the same values and similar goals that you do. You will be part of their support system also.

Inspirational Truth #7
You have everything you need to accomplish what ever you can dream of. And you will go out today and take that first step - no matter how small that step may seem. And the next day you will take another focused and on-purpose step to accomplish your dream(s).

Inspirational Truth #8
You have a ton of resources at your fingertips for going that process. Your mind is the first place all of this takes place. You were built to move mountains. Start here:

Mark Thompson
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