I am fascinated by investments. Did you know that there are mutual funds out there that can consistently give you a return on your investment between 12 - 18 percent? I don't know how much you know about financial returns on investments, but that's a really good rate of return!

Think about just putting your money in a regular savings account. On a good day, you can find one at 2%. Woo Hoo! Compared to that 12 - 18%, that looks really anemic.

Now when that 12 - 18% is left alone and continued investments are piled on top of that nest-egg, you'll notice an incredible phenomenon called compound interest. Once you start growing a pile of cash in an investment that consistently earns a 12 - 18 % return, watch out! You will begin to grow and grow and grow a financial mountain.

What about doing the same thing with your life? It's one thing to earn gobs and gobs of money. But here's a little secret about money. If you do not have the character and solid foundation, personally, to handle that pile of cash, it can (and will) destroy you.

Even if you do not have a pile of cash, or are not even interested in it, your personal development is key to your life success. Continuing to invest in your life - on a personal level - is a surefire way to gain the most from your desire to live a life that you deeply desire. I would venture to say that you can see a direct correlation of success in life by how much you invest in personal development materials, classes and programs.

You see our lives are much like that pile of money that we invest in. Money is just a material possession. Yet we treat it so much more important than our own lives. Think about it. We break our necks to earn enough money to get to the next paycheck. But to further our personal development, we scimp every day.

What we don't realize is, if we would grow ourselves internally, that would create more opportunities in our own world and the money would just come. It's the difference between a grave and a mountain. Most of us are trying to dig ourselves our of a rut (which is just a shallow grave). And what we should be doing is setting our sites on the summit. That's the places where eagles soar.

So it comes down to a simple question. "What are you doing to invest in your life to get that maximum return?" Life has a compound interest too. You can use it for you or it can be used against you. The awesome thing is, the choice is yours. Will you grow your interest or be buried by it? Life and finance are synonymous in a lot of ways.

I would urge you to begin some kind of program for personal development. Make it long term. Make it personal. Make it stick. Make it earn returns for your life like you've never seen before. It's really easy to do.

Question: Where will you be, personally, next year? Owner of that new business you've always wanted to start? Earning a real investment on your money AND your life? Experiencing the strongest relationship with your spouse ever?


In the same slump dreaming of that 'one day'?

The choice is yours. Check out the announcement below. It may be of some help.

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