Diet plans are not created equal. Some diet plans are effective and some can make you lose more than just your extra weight. There are many myths that surround most weight loss diets and seeing past through these myths will enable you to adopt a healthier approach in eliminating unwanted pounds. Here are three of the most common diet plan myths that you will surely encounter.

Starchy Foods Are Bad

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Many fad diet plans can be misleading when they refer to starchy foods as fattening and, therefore, are counterproductive when it comes to losing weight. The truth of the matter is starchy foods can only be fattening if consumed in large quantities and also when added with toppings that are high on fat, such as butter and mayonnaise.

Foods that are rich in starch include rice, pasta, and bread. Depending on your energy requirements, eating several servings of starchy foods everyday is actually recommended by nutrition experts even if you are in the process of losing weight. To avoid unnecessary weight gain, all you have to do is control the amount of servings and refrain for adding fat-rich toppings.

Go High With Protein And Get Low With Carbs

It won't take much imagination for you to realize that adopting a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates is not a balanced diet plan. If you get most of your calories from meats and other animal products, your risk of having too much cholesterol and fat may be high. Going with this diet may cause constipation because of the lack of fiber in most protein sources.

Studies have shown that lack of fiber in one's diet may cause the accumulation of fatty substances in your blood; which in turn, produces higher amounts of uric acid in the body. When this happens, you may suffer joint pains, kidney troubles and even diabetes.

Come to think of it, a diet plan with reduced amounts of calories is an important element in losing weight, but this does not mean that you should avoid carbohydrates and eat only protein-rich stuff. In the end, a balanced diet in which you do not need to eliminate a whole class of food is better than missing out on certain nutrients while you are losing weight.

Fad Diets Are The Best

There are many ways to shave off pounds and keep a healthy weight. You have seen all the books and guides that outline weight loss diet plans, which are often named after the guy that came up with such strategies. But these fad diet plans are not always the best way to deal with your excess weight. True, fad diets can help you lose weight during the first few weeks or months; but more often than not, you get tired of fad diets and you regain weight as fast as new fad diet books are being published.

What's more, fad diets can be unhealthy for some people because following these diet plans may not always provide the required nutrients for the body. Usually, fad diets focus only on getting people to lose weight at a rather fast pace and this may take toll on your body. For instance, fad diets that require you to drastically lower your daily caloric intake may result to abnormalities in the heart's rhythm or it can cause the development gallstones.

In reality, committing to eat healthy food selection and increasing your physical activity is the best way to saying goodbye to excess weight for good. If you need to get back in shape, never compromise your overall health with the weight loss system that you have chosen. You can also use products like Zyroxin to help you burn more calories. Click on for more details.

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