If you've ever come across a book by Napoleon Hill called 'Think and Grow Rich' you will undoubtedly be aware of the fact that you can deliberately create wealth in your life by manipulating the thoughts in your mind. In fact this remarkable book claims to have launched a million millionaires and that is probably no exaggeration either!
Anyway here are three tips that I came across recently that can help you super-charge your life to attract riches:

This first technique was first introduced to me by none other than Ted Ciuba the gentleman who has just re-released the book 'Think and Grow Rich' in his own unique style. Let's just say he knows a thing or two about attracting wealth. Real -Estate, Stocks, Shares, Internet Marketing you name it he's made heaps of money using these principles.

In your wallet place a 100 dollar note. Every time you walk down the street or past some shops look through the window and mentally spend that 100 dollar note. Just go ahead and see yourself buying whatever it is that you want. By having the bill actually in your wallet you can really gain a feeling of certainty that you can actually have those things. This creates the feeling of abundance and wealth inside you that through the 'Law of Attraction' will enable you to automatically attract the wealth that you desire.

Whilst doing this you may not actually be wealthy and abundant but you will start to actually feel wealthy and abundant which is what will enable you to become so. The thought first then the thing, remember that is the law.

This next technique I came across in a book entitled 'Ask and it is Given' by Esther and Jerry Hicks'. In a nutshell it asks you to pay more attention to what you do want i.e. a pay rise, a new sports car, and more sales etcetera than what you do not want.

Instead of focusing your thoughts on your job and constantly thinking about how little it pays and how you can only just cover your bills each month, consciously switch your thoughts to thinking about the new job and pay rise you are going to get shortly. Do not focus on the lack of wealth, instead focus on the presence of wealth. This ensures that your mind is starting to feel wealthy and in doing so can utilize the law of attraction to naturally bring you that money. This process need to be made habitual and is more of an ongoing process than the other two.

This third wealth tip is from the 'Positive Thinking Guy' and is a very simple way of utilizing your free brain time more proficiently. Ask yourself this....do you ever let your thoughts wander and drift along aimlessly without consciously controlling them? If so then you are missing out on valuable wealth attracting time. Here is an easy way to immediately develop positive wealth attracting thought habits. Start by saying to yourself 'What I'd really like is....' then go right ahead and finish the sentence concentrating on really seeing the object of your desire in your possession. Once you have done this repeat the statement with a new desire and then go ahead and list as many objects of desire as you can, each time really see them in your minds eye. Again here we are using the 'Law of Attraction' to enhance and improve our life.

At first this may feel awkward but you will soon notice that a thought will always attract a similar thought so you should be easily able to string together a long line of positive wealth attracting thoughts. Make a mental note of how long you made the list and next time try and better this tally. Use this technique as often as possible and try and make it at a daily habit, maybe on the commute to work each day.

So there you have it, three sure fire ways to attract wealth into your life. However just reading this article won't help....actually putting the words into practice will! Visualize then actualize, that is the key, enough said.

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