Defensive driving is a skill that everyone learns when they are first starting to drive. It means not worrying about who “should” be allowed to have the right of way, or who “should” go first in a merge, but instead focusing your attention on preventing a collision regardless of who would be at fault. After one receives his or her license, they rarely think they have the opportunity to take a course on this topic again, unless they receive a citation and are required by a judge to go to traffic school.

Ticket dismissal is only reason that someone might take a driving safety course, but it’s the most common reason. Luckily, these defensive driving skills are now possible to learn not in a traditional stuffy classroom, but in a convenient online ticket dismissal course. The class is taught over a virtual web-based interface, allowing the student to work at his or her own pace and frequency.

To take a safe driving class over the Internet, the first thing to do is to check with the group, if any, who is requesting you to take a course of this type. That could be your auto insurance provider, allowing you a discount on your insurance premiums if you take driving safety, or a new employer, who wants you to be trained on the latest safe driving practices before being handed the keys to a company vehicle, or some other group such as a parenting group that wants you to be a safer carpool driver.

Most commonly, the person requesting you to take a course of this type is a judge or court. Whatever the reason that prompted you to look for a class on safer driving practices, check with the instigator of the request to make sure that an online provider is permitted to be used. Then research these schools and find the one that you prefer, and double-check that the provider is also approved. You can take both these steps at once, researching the online providers and then bringing both the concept and the name to your court or other requestor at the same time.

When you have approval to do your driver training online, go to the site and register your information with them. In most cases, you can pay electronically, using a secure web page. Then you will be taken to the web page that begins your course material, if the course is Internet-based and not a downloadable software package.

The best online traffic schools have a very easy user interface, usually clicking from one web page to the next to progress through the course. You should also have access to a customer service representative to answer your questions at all times, 24 hours a day. This will ensure that you don’t find yourself stuck for days on end while you wait for an office to open. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll take a final exam and receive a certificate of completion.

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