Yes it's that time of year again. Time for making and breaking yet another promise to yourself! Ring any bells?

Here's what generally happens. You pick a random subject that is your current sore spot. You make some sweeping promise such as 'I'm going to drop five dress sizes' or 'I won't eat chocolate ever again' and then after a few days of being strong you let it slip become de-motivated that you couldn't even keep one simple promise and give in. You then forget all about your initial good intentions and end up right back at square one where you started.

But what if you could actually make a promise to yourself and REALLY keep it. What exactly would YOU change? Just imagine how rewarding it would feel to purposefully change your life for the better.

What would you do? Would you make yourself trimmer, slimmer, fitter – curb your spending habits, save more money, earn more, improve your career, quit smoking. What exactly would it be?

Go on choose one because I'm here to tell you that you can actually make and keep a life changing New Year's Resolution (NYR) by following a few simple ground rules. Ok let's cut to the chase, here they are:

Instead of deciding to choose some unrealistic goal as your NYR, instead pick something that is more straight forward and achievable. For example if your goal is to become fitter and healthier instead of just promising this to yourself choose a measurable objective. This could be to lower your blood pressure, percentage body fat or whatever measurable related goal you can think of.

Next you need to write your goal down. Writing it down takes it out of the dream world and brings it into the real world. It solidifies in our mind what you are trying to achieve. You should also write this statement as though it has already happened; this has very strong sub-conscious power. So, you could write: 'I run three times a week for thirty minutes, weigh just 80 kilos and I am fit and healthy.

Notice that this statement is written as though it has already happened and also includes:

a) specific things that you will do to achieve the goal 'run three times a week'.
b) measurable objectives to observe your progress – 'to weigh just 80 kilos'.
c) your over-all goal – 'I am fit and healthy'

By following this three step process you can create a powerful statement of intent for your NYR. This is actually known as a positive affirmation.

Now you have written your NYR/Positive Affirmation you need to do these three things to make it work for you:

1) Repeat it aloud to yourself at least 6 times a day. In the morning and before you go to bed are the best times to do this. As it sets the tone for the day ahead and places the positive thoughts in your mind just before you sleep.

2) Whilst you read the statement you need to imagine yourself the way you intend to be. Really see yourself living the way you wish to become. See yourself fitter and healthier – running around the park with a more toned and slender physique. Imagine how you will think and feel with this new body.

3) Be persistent. You must repeat this process every day. The best way to do this is write this statement on the back of a photo or piece of card and put it in your wallet/purse so that every time you have a spare moment you can take it out and remind yourself what you are achieving (you might not want to read it aloud on the bus though;). You can do this anytime: on the commute to work or at moments when you feel weak and want to give in. It is even better if the photo you use if of the thing you are trying to achieve e.g. a picture of yourself when you were fit or of someone else who you would realistically like to emulate – not a super model – you need to keep your goals realistic and achievable.

Ok then, there you have it. You have just created for yourself a powerful new affirmation to change your life and you know exactly how to go about making it real in your life.

Granted the changes will not occur overnight but in six months time you could have made very significant changes to your life and remember those six months will come around anyway. So what would you rather do: put it off and stay the way you are or take action so that in six months time you really have improved your life.

There are now no excuses! So go out there and start to change your life today!

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Author Tim Ryan provides from information on how to harness the power of positive thinking. Discover more by clicking: 'Power Of Positive Thinking' now.