Most couples will prepare a gift registry for their wedding. In fact, this can be a really good idea since it can give your guests a rough guide for the gifts they are going to prepare. Your guests will not feel lost when they are planning for your wedding gifts. However, it is not that easy to draft your gift registry. There may be problems if you set up your registry without care. For example, you may get a lot of duplicated gifts if you set it up badly. As a consequence it is better to have some guidelines for you to draft your registry. The followings are some of these guidelines.

Your Preference

First of all you will need to think of your preference when you draft your gift registry. You will certainly want the gifts to be something you like. For example, you may need some new kitchenwares at home and then you can put different items of kitchenwares on the gift list. On the other hand, you may need some oil paintings to decorate your new home. Then you will put these into the list. You can just put what you really need in your gift registry.

Your Life Style

You will also need to consider your life style in order to make decisions on what items to put on the gift registry. Take the idea of kitchenwares as an example. You may want items designed by famous designers instead of something normal or something that you can commonly find in department stores. In this case you can put exactly the brand name of the items into the list so that you can ensure that you will most probably get what you want.

Visiting the Shops

You will probably start to draft the gift registry by doing researches on the web. In fact the internet is an excellent resource for aiding your decision making process. However, you can never make your decisions merely based on the information you find on the web. It is mainly because the images and photos you see on the web can be retouched images and they may look a lot better than the actual items. As a result, you will take some time to visit the shops and department stores to see the actual products.

Prices of the Gifts

The prices of the gifts is also a very important issues. A set of Hi-Fi system can be too expensive as a wedding gift if it is going to be prepared by one guest. Of course your guests can try to buy one expensive gift together so that you can get what you want. However, for other guests they may not buy one item together. Due to this reason, it will be unwise to put only a few not-so-expensive items on the gift registry. Your guests may tend to buy this items and as a result you may get a lot of duplicated gifts.

Choices of your Guests

You have to bear in mind that your guest buy you the gift because they would like to bless your marriage. As a result it is not good to control all the gifts you are going to receive. The key is in fact the choices for your guests. You will put different categories of items on the gift registry so that your guest can have more choices.

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