Conquering panic instantly is of extreme importance to individuals who suffer from panic and anxiety attacks. The fear of experiencing a panic attack can be so extreme it prevents many people from enjoying their lives and even from leaving home. Tips for conquering panic immediately; however, can help you to stop a panic attack as soon as you realize that you are experiencing one and gain control of the situation. When you are able to stop a panic attack before it escalates you will be in a position where you can enjoy your life far more.

There are several ways you can conquer panic immediately. One way to immediately stop your panic attack is to tell yourself to stop the panic and then begin to focus on actually stopping the attack. Racing thoughts are one of the first symptoms experienced by many people, thus it is important to focus your attention on reigning in those thoughts. Toward that end, work on diverting your attention to something else. An external object or some type of repetitive activity or great diversions.

When working on conquering panic instantly it is extremely important that you keep your attention diverted from the panic itself so that it does not have any fuel to continue escalating. If you focus on the panic, chances are it will only grow worse. Examples of repetitive activities which are good diversions include:

• Reciting as many states as you can name
• Naming the state capitols
• Reciting the ABCs backwards
• Reciting the Presidents
• Repeating a prayer
• Taking your pulse

External diversions can also help to keep your focus off of your panic and on something else. Excellent examples include:

• Mowing the lawn, tending flower beds, pulling weeds
• Painting a picture
• Scrubbing a floor
• Doing sit-ups
• Snapping a rubber band on your wrist
• Calling a friend

Breathing is also extremely important when you are trying to shift your focus from your panic and onto something else. As you are probably aware, when you experience a panic attack your breathing typically becomes rapid. This is a common side effect of the fight or flight response and it is critical that you get your breathing under control. One way to do this is to practice breathing exercises. Ideally, it is best that you practice breathing exercises during times when you feel calm so that when you do feel as though you are experiencing a panic attack you will be able to call upon your breathing exercises to gain control of your panic and put an end to it.

In order to breathe properly, make sure you are breathing from your diaphragm and not your upper chest. You can test to make sure that you are breathing you can place your hand against your stomach and feel the breath coming from your diaphragm.

Learning tips for conquering panic instantly can help you to gain control of your panic and avoid a full scale panic attack.

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