Anyone who has a successful e-commerce site knows that they need to treat their site like a regular storefront. The layout, organization and theme of the site can attract or push away potential customers so it’s ultra important to make sure that the website is not only professional, but also appropriate for the intended customers of the site as well. Follow these tips to help you ensure that your website is not turning away potential customers:

• Know the audience. This is important so that you can tailor your site to suit the audience. Knowing your audience can help you make the information easy to understand without patronizing them. The colors, language and graphics can all be altered to appeal to varying audience members. Additionally, if you know your audience, you can determine if they are looking for information, products or both and provide what they need on your site.
• Appearance is everything. At least the first impression of the appearance! The landing page of your website (the first page people land on when they type in your web address) is the first impression that people get when visiting your site. You want it to be attractive, easy to read and well organized. Furthermore, the landing page should provide access to all of the information you have to offer through links and other access. To keep people on your site, the landing page should also have an opt-in section where they can provide their email address in exchange for something free such as a report, e-book or subscription to a newsletter relating to your business.
• Consistency. When visitors to your site navigate around your site, it’s important that there is some form of consistency from one page to the next so that they know they are still on your site. Your company’s name should always be prevalent and visible and the colors and logos or at the very minimum the theme should carry from one page to the next.
• Provide a Site Map. This is a great help for your website’s visitors when they know what they are looking for and just cannot find it. They can go to the site map and navigate to the area they need quickly and easily.

These are just a few of the many things you can do today to help increase the traffic on your website. If you’re really serious about looking for ways to earn money online, there is a fabulous resource out there that gives you step-by-step tips to help you not only choose and set-up a business but to also grow your business to be successful for you. The eBook is called “Simple Ways to Make a Lot of Money Online” and can be accessed at

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