Being a college grad in the middle of a recession is one of the toughest times to try to find a job. Unfortunately, there are thousands of students who have recently graduated – or are about to cross the stage – who will be looking for employment with 4 million others who have recently been laid off. So how can someone with very little experience compete against candidates who have years of know-how and education under their belts? There are a few tips to consider that can help to make the job search a little simpler. Let’s take a look at what they are …

Take Advantage of Your YouthDescribe Your Experience Creatively

In addition to focusing on the fresh perspective your youth can bring to a company, it’s good to put a creative spin any experience you have. This is especially true if your list of jobs and skills stops halfway through the first page. Unfortunately, your competition will have tons of expertise under their belts, so it’s your job to spruce up your experiences to make yourself more competitive. For instance, if you have yet to hold a job, but you have volunteered for a number of organizations, you can focus any skills acquired from these experiences (along with extracurricular activities and other events you’ve participated in that can be added to the list) to heighten your chances of being hired.

Make Use of Your Contacts

Another tip to consider when conducting a job search during a recession is making use of your contacts. Sometimes, when there aren’t many job openings in comparison to the number of talented individuals applying for them, who you know means much more than what you know. So if you have good relationships with professors, campus officials, or employees from various internships, now is the time to start networking. Also, joining social networks and organizations geared toward your field can help you create new professional contacts.

Finding a job in the recession can be difficult for anyone, but even more so for a recent grad. But don’t give up hope that you’ll find that great job. With a fresh perspective, creativity and some confident networking skills, you’ll snatch up a great job in no time.

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