No matter how you slice the pie, one day only contains 24 hours. In these days, making the most of your time has become very important. This is true not just for the business person but for moms and dads as well.

Do you feel like you are wasting time? Getting very little done? Not making the most of every second of the day? Don't worry because we all feel that way from time to time nut there are some things you can do very easily to make better use of the 24 hours you are given each day.

Each day start off by figuring out the importance of your tasks and prioritize them. Then number your tasks. 1 being the most important and working your way down. Then get them done 1 to whatever number your going to that day. To make it easier go out and get you a day planner to keep everything organized.

After you get all that done with and start on your tasks make sure to take the time you need to accomplish those tasks. There is no need to rush through it and make mistakes. This will only take up more time when you have to go back and fix the mistakes later on.

Avoid procrastination and do not put things off. Attack your tasks like your life depended on it. By putting things off until tomorrow, all you accomplish is a bigger "to do" list for the following day. Procrastination is the single largest waste of time that people fall into.

Take on the hard or difficult jobs in their turn. Once they are finished, you will feel accomplished and good about yourself.

Another way to manage your time more effectively is to set goals and then set out to achieve them. Out of your list, there are probably things that NEED to get done right away or at least on that day. Set a goal that you will finish those things at the very least. Then take the necessary action to make it happen.

One major time management technique is summed up in one word-delegation.

If someone else can do that project, then let them do it. There is no reason to overextend yourself if you don't have to. They can check in with you when they are all done to make sure it was done to your satisfaction.

Do not be a perfectionist. If something is not precisely, exactly the way you imagined it, it may STILL be alright. Accept that some things just are not going to go exactly your way or look the way you want them to look. Remember; change is good.

Take that first step now. Don't wait. The faster you start the faster you'll be done and have more time to live your life rather than work for it.

Learning these basic techniques for the management of time will help you become not only more productive, but happier and less stressed as a result. You will also feel accomplished with increased self-worth.

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