Are you now busy planning for your wedding? I am sure you are. You may have put a lot of effort to plan for your ceremony, reception, and also other items such as the wedding favor, invitation and gown. Although planning for all these items is time consuming and stressful, you should not forget the most important thing after your wedding reception. It is your honeymoon.

Honeymoon is extremely important in a sense that it is the first time you and your spouse travel together as a married couple. It marks the beginning of a new life of you. As a result, you need to plan your honeymoon with the greatest care. However, you may find that it is not easy to plan for it. You may have no idea on how to select the honeymoon destination. The followings are some tips for you when you are selecting the destination.

First of all you will need to set a budget for your honeymoon. You may have already allocated quite a large amount of money on other items of your wedding. However, you will still need to allocate some budget for your honeymoon. If possible, I will suggest you to learn some money saving tips for other wedding items and allocate the money saved to your honeymoon since the honeymoon can be as important as your wedding ceremony and reception. If you have enough budget, you can certainly plan a luxury trip to the North Pole. However, if you have a limited budget, you may have to choose locations which are closer to your country.

After the budget is set, you will need to make a wish list for different destinations. Of course the wish list should be realistic. It should match the budget you have set. Then you will think about what you want to do during the romantic honeymoon. You may choose to go to Peru if you would like to experience the Inca Civilization. On the other hand, you may also choose to travel to Japan which will certainly give you rich cultural experience.

Some couples may want to be just relaxed during the honeymoon since they are already very busy at work. They may need a real romantic vacation! If you are one of these couples, places like Thailand, Bali and Dubai can be excellent for you. You can enjoy the sunshine on the beach for the whole day.

You will also consider the time and season when you are choosing your honeymoon destination. Without any surprise, the season will affect what you can do in the destination. You cannot go skiing if there is no snow on the mountain. Besides, the prices of things like air tickets and accommodation may increase during peak season such as the Christmas period. As a consequence, you will also need to take this into consideration since that will probably have effects on your budget. It may not be a bad idea to postpone the honeymoon (if you wish to do so) in order to save money.

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