Are you living in a delusion that you're happy being single, but are now feeling the pressure to get a partner? If you're wracking your brain for tips on how to get a girlfriend, here they are, before Valentine's day rolls past and you're love-less still.

Be visible.

You have to be visible, out there, to get a girl; so you better make the rounds. How can you get yourself a girlfriend if you keep yourself ensconced in your room, stuck with just imagining having a girlfriend? Get out of your shell and try to get to know new people. Have friends set you up on dates.

If you're anxious with the idea of meeting a new person, perhaps you could go on a group date. Having someone you know with you to help break the ice can lighten up the unease and allow you feel more confident and at ease.

Take it slow.

Don't be overanxious about getting into a relationship. Don't give your girl friend an impression you're psycho by calling and emailing nonstop. Ask whether it would be okay to give her a call.

Let her feel comfortable with you first. Instead of a full-course dinner, just take her out for coffee. A casual setting such as a cafe will give her time to let down her guard and get to know you more. If things turn out according to plan, then you just may ask her out again.

Be sincere.

Flattery will get you nowhere‚ unless you really mean it. Avoid mouthing cheesy lines you've obviously copied from Jerry Maguire. This will only make you appear fake and insincere.

Be respectful.

Treat her the way you'd want other guys to treat your sister, your mother or any woman you care about. If she declines your invitations, do not force yourself on her. There will always be other opportunities to meet other girls. Who knows, she might even change her mind and call you back.

Be creative and original.

Flowers and chocolates are thoughtful gifts; but it's a fact, they are quite trite by now. Give her something out of the ordinary, something she will truly appreciate, something that tells her you've taken the trouble to pick it out. You may want to find out what her preferences are and enlist the cooperation of her friends to know what would really catch her fancy. They will be more than happy to assist you. Not only will this pleasantly surprise her, but it will get you the all-important thumbs-up from her friends as well.


Don't keep talking about yourself and your most daring exploits. A meaningful conversation is a two-way street. Make eye contact when she is talking. Give her your riveted attention, the feeling that your attention is hers alone. And it helps to make her feel like she is your whole world.

Be consistent.

So she finally agreed to be your girlfriend. This is not a reason for you to slack and simply stop trying to woo her. That stage will never be over, even after you've won her over. Fill your life together with surprises, so she will keep guessing and there will never be a dull moment in your relationship.

Hit the movies.

Sometimes, Hollywood does know what it's talking about. Rent the film, "Hitch," starring Will Smith. There is a wealth of ideas to be gained here on how to properly treat a woman and win her heart.

Above these tips on how to get a girlfriend, always bear in mind that being a gentleman and treating her like a queen is the way to her heart. If you want to get and keep her, by all means, go the gentleman's way and woo her with as much romance as you can muster. I'm sure, you won't go wrong here.

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